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Physics I, 2011 Syllabus

Physics II  Spring, 2012 Syllabus
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Physics II Schedule Spring, 2012
Physics I Lab Grading Rubric - Fall 2011

Physics Homework Standards
Physics II Lab Grading Rubric - Spring 2010

Physics Homework Standards

MOODLE - page for on-line simulations and repository of sudent scores
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Physlets - computer animation of physics concepts

Physics Photo of the Week

Each week of the semester with classes in session, a photograph is displayed with a brief explanation of the physics involved.

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Unusual Photos

The above photo is a rainbow taken in January, 2001 with a telephoto lens.  Rainbows in January are extremely rare.  Note how the colors seem to repeat on the right side of the main bow.
The above photo was the result of an ice storm in Feb., 2003.  The wheel was spinning rapidly due to a high wind, freezing rain fell on the spinning wheel, and the raindrops froze as they were forced outward due to the centripetal force.  See a complete discussion here.