Physics I Schedule Fall 2011

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Wk 1 Aug. 22

Syllabus, course logistics, MOODLE
HW1 Units, conversions.  due Wednesday.

Begin Lab 1
Pitching N Bowling

Class - Newton's First Law, Lecture tutorial - Motion with no forces
HW 2.  Calculations big and small; vectors due Mon

Finish Lab 1
Pitching N Bowling

Wk 2 Aug. 29 Introduce Echolocator and acceleration  Bowling and fancart no thrust (see lab handout).
Vectors and components
Accel, Vectors, and components tutorial.
HW3 - Vectors (due Wed)

Begin Lab 2 Velocity and Accel I
Pitching N Bowling report due for everyone (See lab rubric) - this counts as HW2a.

Moving Man Simulation (PhET)

Tutorial on kinematcs and Moving Man

HW4 - Dist, Velocity, const accel kinematics

Finish Lab 2
  Velocity and Accel I

Wk 3. Sept. 5.  

Practice with kinematics equations
HW5 - Jumbo Jet and others - Due Wed.
Practice with kinematics derivations
Tutorial - kinematics derivations

Begin Lab 3 Velocity and Accel II
Accel II
Accel I report due.

Review Lab 3 concepts

Newton II
HW6 - Free fall (due Mon, Sept. 12)
Simulatin and tutorial - Bowling and Tennis

Finish Lab 3
Accel II

Wk4 Sep 12 HW 9 Trajectories and Gravity - due Mon Sept. 19, 2011  (Note: the HW numbers are not in sequential order - varied from previously)
Film 2-ball drop

Review for Exam I.  (New review for 2011 is posted)
Accel II report due

Sept 14, 2011
Exam I

Begin Lab 4
Gravity/projectiles 2ball drop, toss-up, trajectory
Wk 5 Sep 19."Popper upper" demo
HW10  (due Sept. 21, 2011) [Omit probs 4, 5)
Gravity (Free fall, throw up, and Projectiles)]

Finish Gravity/Projectiles lab
Newton II - Forces and motion
Newtonian dynamics with friction, inclines, and gravity
Why do all masses fall at same accel?
HW 7 due Sept 26 - Newton II
plus (Zumstein's section Prob. 4 of HW10).(Due Sept. 26, 2011)
Tutorial: Motion under gravity
"Popper Upper" Video
Begin Lab 5 Shove-it

Wk6 Sept. 26
HW8 Friction, Force, accelerations
plus (Collins' section: Prob. 4 of HW10.) (Due Sept. 28, 2011)
Tutorial: Trajectories and Heavy Stuff

Gravity/projectiles report due
Finish Lab 5 Shove-it

Begin Circular motion.
Textbook Ch. 4-7, 6-5

Applet for circular forces
Theory here

HW11. Circular Motion and Gravity II  Due Oct. 3

Begin Lab 6
Circular accel
Vernier simulation (author unknown)
Vernier simulation (F. K. Hwang)
Vernier simulation (Ron Blond)
Vernier Practice Quiz

Wk7 Oct. 3 HW12: Momentum, Impulse, and Tires Due Wed, Oct. 5  Due Monday, Oct. 10.  Note revised date!!!
Extra Probs (not required). 

Text, Halliday/Resnick
Page 130 #9,11
Page 134 #43,49,57,70*

*Great Problem!!

Tutorial Quiz on Circular Motion

Finish Lab 6 Circular accel

HW 12a More Momentum amd Newton III - due Mon Oct. 10, along with HW 12
Tutorial Quiz - Momentum

Begin Lab 7 Impulse/momentum

Wk 8 Oct. 10
Demo/video take - Soda can crush
Demo Force transducers and collisions

On-line review outline for 2011

Exam II

Finish Lab 7 Impulse/momentum

Fall Break

Fall Break

Fall Break

Fall Break

Wk9 Oct. 24  Introduce work, energy, and conservation of energy
HW 13  Work and Energy I. - due Wed. Oct. 26

Impulse lab report due.
Begin Lab 8  Energy

HW 14. Work and Energy II.  Due Mon, Oct. 31.
Tutorial quiz on Energy

Finish Lab 8

Extra Credit Energy Problem: loop the loop due Monday, Oct. 31, 2010

Wk10 Oct. 31 Begin electricity; electrostatics.  Halliday/Resnick Ch. 21, 26.
HW15 Electricity I.  Due Wed, Nov. 2.
Electrostatic Hair Photos

Energy lab report due
Begin Lab 9
Voltage, Current, Resistance

HW Electricity II.  Due Monday, Nov. 7.
Electrostatic electricity
Electrostatic Hair

Finish Lab 9
Volt, amp, R

Wk11 Nov. 7
HW 17 Electricity III due Wed. Nov. 9

Begin Lab 10
Circuits II Wheatstone Bridge and Resistance vs Temperature

HW 18 Electricity IV due Monday Nov. 14

Finish Lab 10
Circuits II

Wk 12 Nov. 14
On-line Assignment Electric Circuits II  (closes Monday, Nov. 21, but material on Exam III)

Circuits II lab report due

Exam III

Begin Lab 11

Wk 13 Nov. 21 
HW 19 - Diodes (Due Mon. Nov. 28) 

Finish Lab 11

Thanksgiving break                            

Thanksgiving break                       

Wk 14 Nov. 28
HW20 - Diodes II (Due Wed., Nov. 30) -

Diode lab report due
Begin Lab 12 Radioactivity

Dice Game and radioactivity
Dice game results 1, results2

Discuss radioactivity
Uranium decay series
Alternate link

HW 21 Radioactivity I (Due Mon., Dec. 5)

Finish Lab 12

Wk. 15 Dec. 5

HW 22 Radioactivity II.  Due Wed, Dec. 7.

Radioactivity report due
Lab activity - Ping Pong Cannon
HW23 - determine ping pong ball speed (due Mon. Dec. 12 - one solution per team)

Ping Pong calculations - find theory for exit velocity.
Ping Pong videos at:

PingPong Cannon Videos AM and 1:00 pm at classes directory:
Start tracker.jar and load these videos

Wk16 Dec 12 Review - on-line review updated for 2011.  Updated again on Dec. 11.
Class Evals

Demonstrations (LN2 rocket, fire extinguisher thrust, electrostatic ping pong, and more...  
Don't miss it!  Lab evals

Exam IV