Physics II (Phy 252) Schedule.  Winter/Spring, 2012

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Lab summaries and problems are due every Tuesday.
On-line quizzes close every Thursday night
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Physics Activities and Evaluation

Laboratory - 35% (notebooks for 15 experiments: 15%;  5 lab reports: 20%)

Due dates: Notebooks due before following Tuesday - no late notebooks;
Lab reports due on following Tuesday.  Late reports accepted with 10% penalty for one week.  No reports accepted after one week beyond due date
Exams - 45%.  Monday, Feb. 6; Mon, Mar 5; Mon, Apr 9; Mon, May 7.
Problem solving - 20% - collected Mondays and Wednesdays
Simulations and on-line activities - Bonus.  Each quiz closes on a Thursday.
Attendance - see classroom protocol.

Week 1. Jan.16 Temperature/Heat transfer Read Ch. 18 to pg. 488
 Demo: Critical point

Students must enroll in Moodle in Physics II during the first week. 
Gas laws
Quiz 0.  MOODLE syllabus quiz Closes Thursday, Jan. 19

HW1.  Temperature and gas laws - due Wed.
Experiment outline

Gas laws

Thermometry - illustrations
Note: HW1 may be submitted Thursday, 1-19 for full credit.
 Extra credit: Show that the coefficient for volume expansion for a sphere is 3 x Coeff of linear expansion for the same substance using calculus.
HW2: Kinetic Theory.  Due Monday
HW2: will be collected on Tuesday since we did not finish the Kinetic Theory in class.

Demo: Brownian Motion.  Short .mov file
Heat pulser demo experiment. <--omit

Simulation and quiz: Kinetic Theory Simulation - WilsOnLine for Week 1. Closes Jan. 26.
Kinetic Theory of gas, 
Boltzmann's Constant
Simulation demo: Adiabatic expansion.
Finish the experiment - especially the analysis for Newton's Law of Cooling.

Text read Kinetic Theory (H&R Ch. 19 pp 511 - 514.

Brownian Motion simulation
Week 2.Jan.23 
Finish Kinetic Theory discussion.  Go over HW2 (collect Tuesday).
Melt ice Demo HW 3a.
Melt ice results
Complete the calculations for the Melt ice demo (due Wed)


Experiment: Charles Law I and II.

Introduce thermodynamic work
 HW3: Thermodynamic Energy due Monday.
Demo with widgit raising.

Online Simulation/Quiz: Brownian Motion and Electrical Resistance - closes Thurs, Feb. 2, 2012.
First Law of Thermo - Ch. 18 pp 491-493.
Thermal energy

Finish lab.
Week 3. Jan 30- Ch. 18
First Law of Thermo 
Demo w. syringe 
First law and Adiabatic theory
Thermodynamic Engines 
Discuss thermo cycle, 
"incredible mass-lifter", 

HW4 First Law, Work, and Internal Energy (due Wed)
  Experiment: Incredible mass lifter Finish experiment write-up, problem review
Carnot Engine Applet by Fu Kwan Hwang
Applet by B. P. Reid
Applet at U. Virginia (Fowler, and others)
Stirling cycle, Thermodynamic efficiency, brief intro to 2nd Law. 
Begin Problem Solving.2nd Law and engines, 
Ch. 19: Molar specific heat, adiabatic proc.
Adiabatic processes 
HW5: First Law, Molar Heat Cap, Adiabatic proc. [Probs 1, 2a, 3 on exam]  Probs due Monday - same day as exam.

Online Quiz: Thermodynamic cycles - closes Thurs, Feb.16, 11:55 PM. Should be familiar for exam.

Fire Syringe video
Optional review Friday 4:00 pm (1/2 - 1 hour)
Week 4.  Feb 6.  Exam I.
Review for Exam I(2012).(updated for 2012)

Review Quiz I for exam
Review Quiz II for exam
Quiz III closes 11 pm

Extra credit (10 pt assignment).  Re-do HW4 #1 with the new numbers by Thursday, Feb. 9.  The old numbers were incompatible.
High Temperature Superconductivity
due date for Incredible Mass Lifter

See video by Kyle Brown
Second video by Kyle Brown

Finish experiment

Video Superfluid Helium

Lab notebook - on-line quiz on liquid helium , superfluidity, and superconductivity. 

Online quiz: Microscopic friction model.??

Demonstrate Stirling Engine

HW 5b (probs 4, 5) - Molar heat capacity, Adiabatic processes.
(due Monday)

Second Law of Thermo and heat engines. 

HW 6 Carnot Cycle and Processes (also due Monday)

Solar cells and 2nd Law

Extra credit: Prove that PVγ = constant for adiabatic (see text).  Due Wed, Feb. 16. (as 20 point HW assignment)

Week 5.  Feb. 13

 Finish 2nd Law of Thermo 
Carnot and other cycles
PowerPoint on Heat Efficiency

HW7 - 2nd Law and Power Plants - due Wed.
Harmonic Motion

Hooke's Law  (H&R p. 149-150)
Simple Harmonic Motion  Ch. 15 of H&R

Finish Lab
Presentation:SHM kinematics; SHM Newtonian theory; 
(Summary of SHM Kinematics and theory)

HW8 Simple Harmonic Motion (due Mon)

In-class Sims: Simulation1, Simulation 2, Simulation 3

Online quiz: Mass and Spring.  Closes Thurs, Feb. 23, 11:55 pm.
Week 6.  Feb. 20 SHM review.
HW9 Wave Kinematics (Due Wed)
Spectral Analysis of Sound 
Finish SHM. 
Text Ch. 16 Waves.

PhET Applet: Wave on String
AppletApplet  on longitudinal waves
Russell Longitudinal Wave Applet

Extra credit: Fill-in missing steps for adding left and right propagating waves to get standing wave.  Due Mon, Feb. 27.
New experiment: Spectral Analysis of sound
Background: Ch. 17 - section 17-7: Music and harmonics
HW10. Vibrations, Waves, Harmonic Analysis  (Due Mon)

Simulation "Standing Waves" - Walter Fendt
On-line "Quiz" - Making Waves (closes Mar. 1, 2012)

Tutorial - Fourier Series
Notebook requirements for sound spectra
Week 7.  Feb 27   Speed of Sound Read H&R pp. 420-421;
pp.446-448 plus adiabatic bulk modulus
Wave in pipe applet - Fendt on SMU
Speed of  Sound tutorial

Good applet on several waves

New Applet on Plucked String-Falstad.  (Suggested by Dr. Cartier)

HW11 - Vibrating Strings, Pipes, and Sound Due Wednesday

Extra Credit problem: Show that the adiabatic stiffness (Bulk Modulus) for an ideal gas is γP where γ = Cp/Cv ; (Due Wed, with HW11.

Speed of Sound by Impulse and spectra. Thermodynamic Model for speed of sound 
c = sqrt(γRT/M); γ = Cp/Cv
Cv = q/2R; Cp = Cv  + R;  γ = (q + 2)/q
Problem Solving:  HW 12: Speed of Sound from Thermo.  Due Wed, not on Monday's exam.
Speed of sound lab due Wed.  Concepts on the exam.

Simulation of wave - PHET simulation
Begin review - esp. week 4 probs.
On-line Quiz - "Springs, Waves, and Masses" - part of review.  Closes March. 10.

Wave tutorial
Week 8.  Mar.5.   Exam II (2012 review - updated for 2012)
supplemented with class notes on speed of sound and adiabatic processes

Magnetic Fields and Electron Deflection 
Preliminary qualitative
Quantitative data (hand-out)

Text Reading: Ch 28 Magnetic Fields
PhET Magnetism Simulations
Mag deflection applet
Magnetic Defletion - theory: Lorentz Force and Centripetal Force.
Get data for analysis.
HW13 - Magnetic Forces (due March 21)

Simulations:  On-line Quiz on magnets and fields.  Closes Mar. 22, 2012.  The quiz uses several simulations.
Finish Magnetic Deflection calculations.
Link to photos
March 12.  Spring Break!!!!
Spring Break!!!! Spring Break!!!! Spring Break!!!!
Week 9. Mar. 19  HW 13 due.  Accepted on Wed, Mar. 21.

High-Voltage correction for e/m

Speed of light

HW 14 - Simple optics and speed of light - due Wed. Mar. 21 

On-line quiz Magnets and Fields closes Thursday night.

Speed of Light and laser physics
Applet on micrometer

Practice quiz on micrometer
HW 15a.  Speed of light.  On lab handout. Due Monday, Mar.  28  Note: there are only 2 "new" problems.  Omit probs 1 and 4.

Special Relativity postulates.  See Google.

Applets on electromagnetic waves.
2nd applet.
Phet Applet on Lens
HW Problems: on lab handout.
On-line quiz - Speed of Light (closes Mar 29, 2012)
Microwaved Marshmellows 1 and 2

Week 10.  Mar. 26. 
Textbook (H,R,W) Ch. 35.  Section 35-4 is most important part.
Refraction of waves - Fendt applet
Diffraction and Interference 
 Physics Applet - 2-source interference (Hwang - doesn't work 2012)
Applet that works:(Zolandeducation)
Ripple Tank (Falstad)
Other Falstad applets

HW15 Diffraction and Interference I (due Wed)

Continue relativity 
Time Dilation
Non-Simultaneity - Murugan's Applet
Double Slit Diffraction
Diffraction and Interference 
HW16.  Diffraction and Interference II (due Monday)
Single slit diffraction   (HRW Ch. 36)

Extra Credit Assignment - find out bio information on both Huygens and Fraunhofer

View Image
Fendt Applet on Huygens
Fendt applet on Single Slit
On-line Quiz - "Diffraction".  Closes April 12, 2012.

Week 11.  April 2 Diffraction grating and spectra
HW17 Diffraction Gratings and Spectra - Due Thurs April 7.
On-line quiz - Diffraction - 2 slit, 1-slit, grating (no closing date)
Introduce spectra

Balmer Spectra AM Lab
Balmer Spectra PM Lab

April 6 Work Day - No classes.


Finish Spectra  
Examine Solar Spectra

Applet on Huygens Principle (Fendt)
(quiz closes on April 9 during the exam.)
Week 12. April 9 X-ray diffraction
Review for exam.  See review updated for 2012
X-Ray Diffraction
Summary on grating and spectra due. 
HW18 Bragg Diffraction (Due Mon. Apr 16)

On Line Quiz - XRays (closes May 10, 11:55 pm)
April  11. Exam III

X-Rays - sources,
Discuss mechanism of x-rays 
Bragg Diffraction Applet (Lukin)

Applet on x-rays,

Finish X-Ray. Lab 
Extra credit: Read and report on Moseley's discoveries regarding x-rays and the periodic table.  Due April 26, 2012

Week 13.  April 16
E-M radiation - radio waves
Fendt sim
PHET sim
Pics of dipole radiation
PhET Photoelectric Effect. - Extra credti problem:?? "Measure" and plot the photoelectric current, vs reverse voltage in the simulation to find the stopping voltage, and explain the physics. .
HW19 - Photoelectric Effect (due Wed)
On-line quiz Photoelectric Effect (closes Thur, May 10, 11:55 pm)

New Lab.  Photoelectric Effect

Should read the photoelectric effect in text.  Expect quiz.

HW20 - PhotoElec II and Elec Diffn - due Mon

Wave-particle duality - corny video but relevant
2-slit quantum animation - slow to load

Week 14.  April 23.   electron diffraction

Peer Tutorial

On-line Quiz: Electron Diffraction.  Closes Thurs., May 10, 2012

HW 21 Electron Diffraction II - due Wed.
Demo circular vibrator
Extra credit: find out where Helium for party balloons comes from - more than from wells.  Due Monday, April 30
Electron Diffraction Lab
Applet on Bohr-Schrodinger
Applet on Bohr

Applet on "kinky" radiation

On-line Quiz: Black Body radiation and Quantum Mechanics

Bohr Atom

HW 22 Bohr Atom and deBroglie (due Wednesday, May 2, 2012)
Also Prob 3 of HW 21 will be accepted on Monday

Finish Electron Diffraction lab

Week 15.  Apr. 30.
PhET Blackbody Simulation
Slide show - Cluster Color Photometry

Bohr Atom energy-wavelen calc
K-alpha x-ray rad.

Astrophysics - H-R diagram for stellar clusters.

Stellar evolution and H-R diagrams - slide show
Astrophysics Moodle Quiz - Will be on exam.  Closes May 10, 11:55pm

Laser Physics - stimulated emission vs. spontaneous emission - not discussed.

Physics 2000 Laser

PhETApplet on Laser

H-R diagram animation and stellar evolution - UCLA

Peer Tutorial

Week 16.  May 07.
Exam IV. Review online. Updated for 2012.
  MOODLE quiz on Black Body radiation (closes May 10, 2012

May 9Demo session May 12 No classes at WWC.

HW on Photoelectric Effect - see handout.
Black Body Physics.  UV catastrophe
Planck formula. Read ch. 28 to page 1111.
MOODLE quiz on Black Body radiation.  Closes April 28, 11:55 pm.
Black body UV Catastrophe(GSU)
Black Body UV Catastrophe(RIT)
UNM Slide Show on UV Catastrophe
Stellar Physics - slide show
HW: Hecht ch. 28 p. 1133:  2, 3, 5, 7, 13 (Use the PhET BB simulation)

HW Problems - Ch. 27 (page 1102): 23, 25, 28, 32;  Probs 1, 2, 3 of Electron Diffn handout; (due Tues, May 5)

HW: Hecht ch. 28 p. 1133:  2, 3, 5, 7, 13 (Use the PhET BB simulation)
Finish Stellar clusters and black body radiation.
Moodle Quiz on Photoelectric effect - closes April 28, 11:55 pm.

MOODLE quiz on astrophysics (closes May 5, 11:55 pm)