2014 Fall Semester Registration
For Currently Enrolled Students
Early Registration Period for Currently Enrolled Students: April 21-25, 2014.
Students must meet with Academic Advisors prior to registration.

Please review the on-line class schedule available at the following link:

Please note: your registration time is determined by your current classification/hours earned. Courses you are currently taking do not count in your total earned hours. 
To see your classification, log-in to CampusWeb and look yourself up in the Student Directory. To see your Earned Hours, log-in to CampusWeb, click on "My Transcript"
Registration Access Dates for Current Students by Classification


 Hours Required

 Registration Begins at
Seniors (all)
92 or more
Monday, April 21, 06:00am
Juniors, 2nd semester
76 - 91
Tuesday, April 22, 12:05am
Juniors, 1st semester
Tuesday, April 22, 6:00am
SUMMER SCHOOL All Students Wednesday, April 23, 6:00am
Sophomores, 2nd semester
Thursday, April 24, 12:05am
Sophomores, 1st semester
Thursday, April 24, 06:00am
Freshmen, 2nd semester
Friday, April 25, 12:05am
Freshmen, 1st semester 0-13 Friday, April 25, 6:00am
Special/Non-Degree   Friday, April 25, 6:00am



During your registration time, you may log-in to CampusWeb, go to "My Registration," and add your classes for Fall 14'.
Important Reminders:
Students should be certain to avoid registration restrictions; common registration restrictions might be:
*having not met with your Academic Advisor (Acad. Advisor)
*registration fee not paid (Accounting Office)
*lacking major declaration (Registrar's Office)
*lacking final transcripts (Registrar's Office)
*lacking Service hours (Service Learning Office)