Richard Blomgren


I am married to a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, gifted woman named Tami and have a wonderful, handsome, fun-loving, intelligent, obedient (see dog disclaimer below) stepson, Wynn.

My two lovely and obedient (I'm lying) beagles - Barnum and Bailey, went to Dog Heaven after 17 years. I never dreamed I would miss them as much as I do. We were together through thick and thin and I loved every howling minute of it.

Our differently-abled, multi-breed, people-needy, forever-a-puppy dog, appropriately named Mischief has joined Barnum and Bailey - but while she was here she remined us
sleep when you are tired,
scratch when you itch,
and lick the ones you love.
Recently, we added Billy Bob to our family. We offered to foster him while his owner was off in Afghanistan. Upon his return, he realized that Billy Bob would not make a good military brat-dog so we happily offered to adopt him. He is ours now. He is the most loyal dog in the world. Do not get between Billy and HIS Tami... woe be to you.

We live in the city of Asheville. I relocated like most everybody who lives in Asheville. My home is in a great neighborhood, close to a bagel shop, pizza parlor, a hardware store, ABC store, downtown, and a plenty of good food. . . pretty perfect. It feels "good" here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

My first home was in California, and I have some photos if you are interested in my roots.