How to Put on a Condom

Condoms can be used for vaginal, oral, and anal sex.  They can also be used with sex toys, like dildos, especially if the toy is being shared.  Used correctly, condoms can greatly reduce the chance of transmitting and contracting STIs and can reduce the chance of pregnancy.  The important part of that sentence is WHEN USED CORRECTLY.

Before engaging in any sexual activity with a partner, talk with your partner(s) about whether or not you want to have sex, what sort of sexual activity you want and what you don't want.  Discuss openly and honestly what you want to do with your partner - and listen to your partner(s) too! 

Remember that consent can be taken away at any time during the process - if one partner changes their mind or becomes uncomfortable: STOP!  Discuss the situation and decide if now is not the right time for sexual activity.

So, how do you put on a condom correctly?

Click here to connect to a video from Planned Parenthood that details the steps you need to know to correctly use and discard a condom.

And a few last notes:

Dispose the condom IN THE TRASH.  Condoms are not recycleable and Recycling Crew does not appreciate finding them while they sort through the bags of recycling.

While you should be checking in with your partner(s) throughout the sexual encounter - be sure to check in with each other at the end, make sure they feel alright about everything and talk over how you are feeling too.