Consent is an agreement that people make when engaging in ANY sexual activity.


In order for consent to be given:

Consent means...


In order for consent to be effective, these are the minimal conditions that should be met:

The person must be able to understand exactly what it is that they are agreeing to and not incapacitated.

A person cannot give consent if any of the following factors are present:

Examples of consent:

Consent is not:

Consent is:

Making lists can also be a really helpful tool for figuring out what you want, like and need.  The lists below are just suggestions there may be others relavent to your situation.  Lists can be helpful when talking to partners about sex!


  • If your partner is a survivor of sexual violence and you are looking for tools with which to support them click here.

  • If you are a survivor and are looking for ways to take care of yourself during sexual encounters click here.