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The RISE Project seeks to use best practices and the latest research to address violence on campus.  Below you will find articles and research that informs our work.  Feel free to contact us at anytime if you have questions about RISE, our program offerings, services or anything you find here.

Fostering Healthy Norms to Prevent Violence and Abuse: The Social Norms Approach
Alan D. Berkowitz
May, 2010

From the Introduction: "Efforts to end sexual violence and exploitation must include strategies for changing the environments in which violence and exploitation occur. Thus, while violence prevention efforts need to focus on perpetrator behavior and the risk factors that render victims vulnerable, they must also incorporate methodologies that can foster more comprehensive environmental change. To this end, environments and the individuals within them can be encouraged to support prevention efforts by acting to reduce risk factors and identify problems before violence occurs. One promising tool for this purpose is the “social norms approach,” a theory and evidence-based methodology for addressing health and social justice issues that can be used to foster environments that resist and intervene to prevent violence."

What to do when a Student Reports a Sexual Assault but then Asks that No Action be Taken?
Brett A. Sokolow, JD

From the introduction: "This is a complex issue that is informed by two federal laws, student affairs best practices, good victim services, the Department of Education, and negligence law. While no one perspective dictates how we address reluctant victim situations, taken together, a cohesive approach can be created."  This article explores both Clery and Title IX and possible responses to students that report a crime to you but (as the title suggests) then asks that no action be taken. 

The “Dear Colleague” Letter - April 2011
Office for Civil Rights

OCR’S “Dear Colleague” Letter on Title IX and Sexual Violence – FIRST STEPS FOR COMPLIANCE
Amy C. Foerster and James A. Keller, Co-Chairs, Higher Education Practice Group, Saul Ewing LLP

OCR’S “Dear Colleague” Letter on Title IX and Sexual Violence - TRAINING OBLIGATIONS
Andrea Stagg, Assistant Counsel, State University of New York