Relationship Violence Some Question to Ask Yourself

Answering yes to the following questions could indicate that you are in an abusive relationship. For additional questions, see
Please remember there are lots of people available to support you. For more information, contact one of the resources listed at the end of this zine.

• Do you feel helpless in making your own decisions in fear that it could anger your partner?
• Do you feel like you have to avoid specific topics with your partner to avoid their temper?
• Do you feel like you deserve to feel emotional or physical pain from your partner?
• Does your partner humiliate or yell at you regularly?
• Does your partner criticize you, or make fun of you regularly?
• Does your partner ignore your accomplishments, opinions or belittle them?
• Does your partner blame you for their harmful actions directed at you?
• Does your partner threaten to kill you or kill themselves if you leave them?
• Does your partner physically harm you and threaten to harm you if you tell anyone?
• Does your partner coerce you into any sexual activity or force you to have sex?
• Does your partner destroy either your belongings or mutual belongings when they are angry?
• Does your partner harm your pets?
• Does your partner act jealous or possessive when you hang out with your friends or do something without them?
• Does your partner control what you do, where you go, and who you see?
• Does your partner take material objects away from you when they lose their temper?
• Does your partner prevent you from succeeding academically, or downgrade your accomplishments?
• Does your partner control your finances or withhold access to money from you?
• Does your partner take away clothing, food, shelter, medication, or other basic necessities?
• Does your partner sabotage your job?
• Does your partner steal from you?
• Does your partner enter your room without your permission?
• Does your partner read your email or facebook account when you don’t want them to?
• Does your partner explode over an incident and then apologize, tell you how much they care, and promise never to do it again, even though they have done it again in the past, or even though they do it again?