RISE Support Services

Support Services

The RISE Project provides private non-judgmental support services to people who have concerns about their relationships or think that their relationship may be unhealthy.  As well RISE provides support and advocacy to survivors of dating violence, stalking, sexual harassment and sexual violence, their significant others, friends and family.  Services can be provided by RISE Advocates, the RISE Project Director and/or the RISE Project Crew. There are a few services that are only provided by the RISE Project Director, which include filing a formal or informal report, assistance with residence hall, class, or crew changes, and longer-term support. For all other services, please see below.

RISE Advocates

The RISE Advocates are a group of students, staff and faculty who are available to provide short-term support and advocacy to survivors of all forms of relationship and sexual violence.  RISE Advocates receive specialized training and are able to provide the following kinds of support:

  1. RISE Advocates can answer questions about medical services, evidence collection, the legal process and the campus judicial process.
  2. RISE Advocates can refer you to appropriate services.
  3. RISE Advocates can provide short-term support to survivor and provide options and referals for longer-term support.
  4. RISE Advocates can connect a survivor to immediate medical support and resources (including Plan B).

Advocates, Crew and the RISE Director are available to you over the phone, in person, or through email. See the list of advocates below, or contact the RISE Project at rise@warren-wilson.edu.

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