Take Back the Night

Why Take Back the Night?

Violence is an issue all around the world.  The first Take Back the Night (TBTN) march occured in 1975 in Philadelphia.  The march occured in response to the murder of a young microbiologist named Susan Speeth.  The original marches consisted of candlelight processions through the streets.  The marches were an attempt to acknowledge and draw attention to violence occuring against women on the steets.  They were also a response to the line that many women were fed after a series of attacks in London.  Women were told to stay inside at night.  Many women believed that they should not have to stay inside and that the streets should be a safe place for women to be.  The marches have occured for a variety of reasons including protesting abortion and contraception laws.  TBTN marches occur all over the world. 

The first WWC TBTN occured in Spring 2008 and has happened every year since then.  It is always a huge collaboration between crews and community members.  Crews that have been involved with past TBTNs are Multicultural Crew, Student Activities, Bike Shop Crew, First Year Programs, EMPOWER, Landscaping, Spiritual Life and Social Justice crew, and Recycling Crew.  We have also collaborated with Step Team. 

Some activities which have occured in past years include


Speak out

If you would like to get involved with this year's Take Back the Night, we will be holding our first planning meeting on Wednesday, March 23rd at 4:00 in Mierke.