Service Program: Rooted in Community

At Warren Wilson College, service is a part of our educational triad. We fulfill service through the Community Engagement Commitment, which is made up of the Points of Engagement and Growth (P.E.G.s).


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About Issue Workshops: They are 8 week long workshops which give Warren Wilson students a spectrum of experiences within one issue.  Through direct service and educational meetings, students gain a better understanding of how current policy affects community agencies and the populations they serve.  Time is set aside for students to meet with local experts, hear the stories of those directly involved, and reflect upon how their own perceptions of the issue over the course of the workshop. Workshops enroll 6-10 students who participate as a group in direct service and advocacy and policy work to gain a better understanding of the issue. An attendance agreement is required. Participation in an Issue Workshop fulfills PEG 2 of the Community Engagement Commitment or counts as 25 hours towards the 100 hour service requirement.

  • A Wrinkle In Time: Exploring Aging in Buncombe County: Join us in breaking down stereotypes of aging and interacting with older adults in the local community. We will be looking at the experience of aging in Buncombe County, specifically addressing the differences between aging naturally and aging with a physical or mental condition, as well as how national and local policies affect older adult's experiences and opportunities. Students in this issue workshop will work with older adults in the area and learn how to be an advocate and ally for older adults. Leaders: Deanna Dragan ( & Austin Fust (    
  • Meeting Times:  
    • Educational Meetings will be over Monday dinners from 5:30-7pm  
    • Direct Service will be on Tuesday nights 7-9pm for the first 4 service trips and then on two Saturdays for 4 hours each (exact Saturdays are yet to be scheduled but will most likely be after Fall Break).


  • Letting Them Speak: Finding Power within Your Story: This issue workshop will allow self-identified students of color to explore race and identity at Warren Wilson College through discussions, educational readings and videos. We will collaborate with the Shiloh community center to engage in service and participate in story circles with children in their after-school program. For the children in the after-school program, this would be a great opportunity to discuss what parts of their racial identity have already been formulated and how those ideas affect their self-esteem, friendships, and perception of their access to world. These conversations in turn, would help students at Warren Wilson College think deeply about the reasons they chose to stay Warren Wilson College. This issue workshop will serve as a part of my senior thesis. Leader: Deandrea Lottier ( & Ana Lara (
  • Meeting Times:  
    • Educational Meetings will be over Tuesday dinners from 5:30-7pm  
    • Direct Service will be on Thursdays at 2:30pm, and two Saturdays (November 8 & December 6).



Service Day 2014

We focused on the issue of Food Security in Western North Carolina. Slideshow of photos from Service Day is currently being made.

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