The Bonner Leaders Crew


The Bonner Leaders Work Crew is made up students who act as the representatives of the Service Program to the rest of the campus. Responsibilities of crew members include:

Check out the Bonner page to find out how to join the Bonner Service Crew: Feel free to stop by the Service Program Office at Ransom House to talk with the staff and crew!


Students on the Bonner Leaders Crew: 


Patrick Downing

Where are you From: Horsham, PA
Year: Sophmore
Major: Social Work
Role on the Crew: Youth and Education, a Policy Community Liason
Service Passion: Drum major for social justice


Deanna Dragan

Where are you from: Shillington, Pennsylvania
Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
Role on the Crew: Bonner High Impact Intern
Service Passion: Health related service.

Caroline Duble

Where are you from: Houston, TX
Year: Senior
Major: Sociology with a focus on Queer Studies and Social Inequality
Role on the Crew: Intern
Service Passion: Drawing connections between service, people, issues, communities, and activism

Rita Gunter

Where are you from: Baltimore, Maryland
Year: Sophomore
Major: Sustainable Business/Cultural Anthropology
Role on the Crew: Community Partner & Diversity Outreach Coordinator/Bonner Congress Rep.
Service Passion: I have a passion to constantly improve myself and the world around me.


Iliana Hernandez

Where are you from: Born and raised in Southern California, moved to Hendersonville, NC (45 min west of WWC) when I was 12.
Year: First semester sophomore.
Major: Undecided.
Role on the Crew: Race and Immigration Issue Area Coordinator.
Service Passion: Human rights; “the bell tolls for thee.”

Lia Kaz

Where are you from: Western Massachusetts
Year: 3rd
Major: Social Work
Role on the Crew: Issue Area Coordinator for Youth and Education; Burton Street Big Brothers Big Sisters trip
Service Passion: empowerment, access, connection  

Hannah Kilpatrick

Where are you from: Asheville, NC
Year: Sophomore
Major: Psychology
Role on the Crew:Transportation Coordinator
Service Passion: Gender/Youth/Race related service  

Danielle Landy

Where are you from:
Andover, MA (just north of Boston)
Year: Senior
Major: Anthropology/Sociology
Role on Crew: Food Security Issue Area Coordinator
Service Passion: I am passionate about economic justice, food security, women's rights and building strong communities and relationships.  


Ana Lara

Where are you from: Originally from Guatemala but lived in Louisville, KY for a few years too.
Year: Junior
Major: Psychology and Sociology/Anthropology
Role on the Crew: Service Learning Student Coordinator
Service Passion: I enjoy working with kids, doing advocacy work for women, and working with the immigrant and refugee population. 

John McCaul

Where are you from: Newry, Northern Ireland (I've a cool accent!)
Major: Sustainable Business
Role on the crew: Food Security Policy Community Liaison Officer
Service Passion: Advocating change within food security policy area.

Stephanie Menjivar

Where are you from: Encino, California
Year: Freshman
Major: Biochemistry, pre-veterinary medicine
Role on the Crew: Communications in Environment
Service Passion: Animal Welfare


Allyson Miller

Where are you from: Sparta, NJ
Year: Freshman
Major: Undecided
Role on the Crew: Logistics and Communications Coordinator for Food Security
Service Passion: implementing the slow foods movement

Misha Perez

Where are you from: Oakland, CA.
Year: Sophomore
Major: Political Science
Role on the Crew: Housing and Homelessness
Service Passion: Providing equal opportunities and positive role models for urban youth. 

Wendy Pioquinto

Where are you from: Los Angeles, CA
Year: Freshman
Major: Undecided
Role on the Crew: Environmental Policy Community Liaison
Service Passion: Supporting my community

Breanna Ryan

Where are you from: Arizona
Year: Senior
Major: Anthropology & Global Studies
Role on the Crew: Senior Intern & Housing and Homelessness Issue Area Coordinator
Service Passion: Social Justice Issues [especially economic injustice, homelessness, and environmental racism]


Delilah (Shaunice) Scott


Pearl-Lynnae Smith

 Where are you from: Baltimore, Maryland
Year: Freshman
Major: Global Studies
Role on the Crew: Front Office
Service Passion: Race and Immigration

Maria-Betania Villalba

 Where are you from: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Year: Freshman
Major: Art major, modern languages minor
Role on the Crew: Communication/Logistics Coordinator for Race & Immigration issue area
Service Passion: women's rights, animal welfare, vegetarian/organic foods, spiritual simplicity


Nora White

 Where are you from: Washington State
Year: Senior
Major: Sociology/Anthropology with Traditional music minor
Role on the Crew: Senior Intern and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Western North Carolina Match-Support Intern for Kids on Campus.
Service Passion: high school aged youth, empowering people to grow and cook their own food, and reproductive health access and education.

Vivian Williamson

 Where are you from: Morganton, NC
Year: Sophomore
Major: Global Studies: Peace and Social Justice
Role on the Crew: Environment Issue Area Coordinator
Service Passion: Human rights, economic equality, and environmental preservation. 

Amanda Wilson

Where are you from: the fabulous Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Year: Junior
Major: the best one: Sociology/Anthropology
Role on the Crew: Youth and Education Policy Community Liaison, co-leader of Kids on Campus.
Service Passion: Education, especially education reform, and sustainable community-based development.

Jasmine Woo

Where are you from: San Francisco
Year: Sophomore
Major: Environmental Studies
Role on the Crew: Break Trip Student Coordinator
Service Passion: The chance to interact, meet, and create relationships with the Asheville/Swannanoa community. 


If you are not sure who you want to talk to, please email Mara McLaughlin-Taylor ( or call (828)771-3065.  The Service Program Office is located in Ransom House next to the Warren Wilson College Admission Building. Stop by anytime with questions or just to check it out!