The Bonner Leaders Crew

(Photo Credit: Abby Kathan)


The Bonner Leaders Work Crew is made up students who act as the representatives of the Service Program to the rest of the campus. Responsibilities of crew members include:

Check out the Bonner page to find out how to join the Bonner Service Crew: Feel free to stop by the Service Program Office at Ransom House to talk with the staff and crew!


Students on the Bonner Leaders Crew: 

Crew Members are divided into Issue Areas:

Environment: Stephanie Menjivar, Korey Largo, and Brian Wuertz

Food Security: Tayla Clark, Emily Fox, Sam Stone

Housing & Homelessness: Emily Odgers, Misha Perez, Jada Sheeler

Race & Immigration: Maria-Betania Villalba, Hannah Kilpatrick, Melvis Madrigal

Youth & Education: Patrick Downing, Lyric Farmer, Raff Perez


Other Important Roles on the Crew:

Senior Leaders: Deanna Dragan, Lia Kaz, Ana Lara, and Amanda Wilson

Front Office: Sab Chmelir, Pearl-Lynnae Smith

Service Learning Support: Austin Fust 

Break Trip Support: Jasmine Woo


If you are not sure who you want to talk to, please email Mara McLaughlin-Taylor ( or call (828)771-3065.  The Service Program Office is located in Ransom House next to the Warren Wilson College Admission Building. Stop by anytime with questions or just to check it out!