Service Program Office Staff

Below is a list of all of our Service Program staff members, click here for student crew contact info.  If you are not sure who you want to talk to read about their role in the office. You can also email Mara McLaughlin-Taylor at or call (828)771-3065.  The Service Program Office is located in Ransom House next to the Warren Wilson College Admission Building stop by anytime with questions or just to check it out!


Cathy Kramer  -Dean of Service

Role in the office: Oversee the Community Engagement Commitment and service requirement, represent service in the triad on the President's Cabinet, and serve as liaison with our primary community partners.
Hometown: Originally from Wisconsin, then all over until here!
Service Passion: Economic Justice


Brooke Millsaps -Director of Service-Learning

Role in the Office: I work primarily on community engagement initiatives that connect with our academic program. I support faculty with the development and implementation of service-learning courses and assist with the connections between curricular work and the expectations of the Community Engagement Commitment. Additionally, I oversee the assessment of the Community Engagement Commitment.
Hometown: I am originally from Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri but have been a North Carolina resident for the past 11 years. North Carolina is home.
Service Passion: I care deeply about youth who are at the crossroads of our mental health, juvenile justice and educational systems.



Shuli Arieh Archer -Director of Student Engagement

Role in the Office: supervise and support crew members who work in issue areas, as well as senior interns; oversee all issue area programming including issue workshops and weekly service opportunities.
Hometown: Atlanta, GA and Northampton, MA
Service Passion: Working for social justice!



Mara McLaughlin-Taylor -Service Program Manager

Role in the Office: Answering general questions, service hour verification, scheduling transportation, one time service opportunities, and coordinating service for campus groups.
Hometown: Latvia, New York City, and Minnesota.
Service Passion: I'm a social worker! I love collaborating with kids and youth to spark their interests. Community organizing and advocacy really gets me going too!



Missy Harris -Break Trip Coordinator

Role in the Office: meet with Break Trip leaders and organize logistics of Break Trips.
Hometown: I am originally from Sylva, NC. I lived in Atlanta for six years and now live in Weaverville.
Service Passion: Being involved in the local community was a central part of my experience in college. I have focused on a wide range of issues in the jobs I have had over the past 15 years, from HIV/AIDS Education to refugee resettlement to organ donation to housing and homelessness. In all of these experiences, I have been challenged to see and understand the world in new ways and to explore the differences and connections that we have with each other and the wider world. I am excited to be working with the Break Trip Program here at Warren Wilson and to assist students as they engage in service around important social and environmental issues in the community.



Siti Kusujiarti -Faculty Service-Learning Liason

Role in the Office: Service Learning Faculty Liaison
Hometown: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Service Passion: Creating awareness of global and local social inequality and injustice as well as addressing these issues through education, empowerment and partnership with various communities and individuals.