Ways to Engage Our Students

Warren Wilson students engage with our community partners in a number of different ways.  Some of our connections involve a consistent and sustained commitment on the part of the student and the partner and others are more focused on a one time project or event.  When we receive a request from a partner we can never guarantee that we will be able to identify a student or group to meet your needs, but we can make students aware of the opportunities and in some cases assist with recruitment.  For one time activities, we post them on our events calendar to notify students of the opportunity and they may follow up on their own with the community partner to make arrangements to participate.

For one time opportunities, email Mara McLaughlin-Taylor at maramt@warren-wilson.edu and include the following:

Title and short description of the opportunity

Date and time


Contact person email and/or phone number

Indicate if any special skills are required


If you feel you have an opportunity that is more sustained and fits one of the following categories, please contact the appropriate staff person and we will contact you to explore the connection further. 

Service-learning courses - An opportunity to partner with a faculty member integrating the service into the content of the course with the experience enhancing the learning related to the course academic content.  This involves working with a faculty member and typically 8-15 students over the course of a semester (about 4 months).  The course could happen once or might be repeated each year.  Examples of course based projects include:  community based research, tutoring/mentoring, developing media materials.

For more information or to explore opportunities contact:  Brooke Millsaps (bmillsaps@warren-wilson.edu)

Work Crew Projects - An opportunity to partner with a staff member supervising a student work crew in a partcular skill area.  The work can happen over a semester or an academic year with regular contact with the supervisor and 3-15 students.  The service may provide opportunities for students to apply skills learned through their on campus work to community needs.  Examples of work crew service include:  rentals and renovations, paint, plumbing and carpentry crews working on housing construction, fiber arts crew doing a weaving and tie dying workshop for an after school program, writing center crew doing a creative writing workshop with homeless women.

For more information or to explore opportunities contact:  Mara McLaughlin-Taylor (maramt@warren-wilson.edu)

Internships - An opportunity to work with an individual student for 2-15 hours each week for one or two semesters during the academic year or 20-40 hours during the summer.  This service provides a relationship with a student who is accountable for consistent work with your agency and also requires supervision.  Students doing internships can work on a specific project(s) or can add to the general support of the agency and its regular operations. 

For more information or to explore opportunities contact:  Cathy Kramer (ckramer@warren-wilson.edu)