Race and Immigration


The Race and Immigration issue area is committed to help Warren Wilson students toward understanding the concepts and effects of racial injustice and immigration within local, national and global realms. Working closely with both our community partners and the Warren Wilson community, this issue area advocates for a strong and diverse community rooted in respect and understanding of each other culture, ethnicity, and experiences. MANOS (Mentoring and Nuturing On Site), which is a program within the Emma Family Resource Center, focuses on mentoring and supporting Asheville's Latino youth at Emma Elementary School. Building Bridges is a multiracial and intergenerational weekly diagolue that seeks to critical examine and present instititutionalized discrimination and racism within the U.S.A to present avenues to encourage honest, yet challenging dialogue to help undo the ignorance that can uprise from this discrimination and ultimately heal the wounds that racism has created. 

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Weekly Service Trips

BUILDING BRIDGES (Two 8 week sessions)

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Iliana Hernandez


Issue Area Coordinator  

Maria-Betania Villalba

Rita Gunter

Communication/ Logistics Part Time Liaison


Issue Workshops:

There are no Issue Workshops related to Race & Immigration this Spring 2014 semester, but check out the Issue Workshop page to see what is happening.  


Related Opportuities

Courses offered that examine issues related to race and immigration to TBA.

Community Partners

Emma Family Resource Center
Building Bridges Racial Dialogue Program

Asheville Buncombe Community Relations Program

Friends and Neighbors of Swannanoa (Iliana Hernandez is a board member) 

For other partners in this and other areas, check out the Agency Directory.


Systemic Changes through Policy & Advocacy

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