Community Engagement Commitment

The mission of Warren Wilson College includes preparing students for service, leadership, and meaningful lifelong work and learning. As part of this Triad educational program, completion of a Community Engagement Commitment is one of the requirements for graduation. Students meet the Commitment by progressing through four different Points of Engagement and Growth (PEGs): Click on each PEG to learn more.

  1. Self Knowledge
  2. Understanding Complex Issues
  3. Collaboration for Community Impact
  4. Commitment to Community Engagement

By graduation, students demonstrate a measurable level of learning in all four Points of Engagement and Growth.

For more information related to the Community Engagement Commitment, Click on the following resources:

If you need ideas, have questions, or need support please come in to the Service Program Office or set up a meeting with a Staff member by email. 

There are so many ways to fulfill your Community Engagement Commitment. Here are a few examples of how you can utilize these Points of Engagement and Growth to shape your service experiences. Click on a student's picture or name to see their Community Engagement Commitment Profile.

Beau Ohlgren

Major: Environmental Studies (Policy)

Work Crew: Residence Life

Year: Class of 2013

Josh Reiss

Major: Sustainable Business

Work Crew: The Echo

Year: Class of 2014

Shaina Castonguay

Major: Anthropology/Sociology

Work Crew:
Student Activities

Year: Class of 2013

Emily Ehley

Major: Environmental Studies / Environmental Education

Work Crew: Landscaping / Native Plants Crew

Year: Class of 2013