Points of Engagement & Growth (PEG) 2:


Understanding of Complex Issues:


Examine why a social/environmental issue exists and how service addresses it.


Overview of PEG 2: Includes Requirements and Deadlines.

 Suggestions for Service Opportunities for PEG 2:


Reflection Prompt:


Considering the education and service you have completed for PEG 2, identify your chosen issue area, describe/demonstrate what you have learned about why your issue exists, how it is connected to other social/environmental issues and how your service seeks to address it.


How to upload your reflection: Go to Moodle --> Login --> All Courses --> Service Program --> Peg 2 --> Enroll --> Upload a Word or PDF file (.doc or .pdf)


PEG 2 Reflection Survey


Examples for PEG 2:


Student A – PEG 2 inclusive.

Student B – PEG 2 inclusive.

Student C – Design your own PEG 2.

Student D – Design your own PEG 2.