Points of Engagement & Growth (PEG) 3:


Capacity for Leadership:


Providing significant and substantial engagement in the community that is based in a deep commitment to an issue and/or partner agency and involves initiative, communication and collaboration.



Overview of PEG 3: Includes Requirements and Deadlines.

 Suggestions for Service Opportunities for PEG 3:

*Sustained projects: please meet with a SPO Staff member to talk about developing a new partnership or utilizing an existing partnership.



Reflection Prompt

Considering your PEG 3 experience, please address the following:

1. Briefly describe your experience and any findings or information gained that will benefit the community.
2. Describe/demonstrate what you have learned

3. Describe/demonstrate the elements within this service that enhanced your abilities/experience with communication and collaboration?
4. How do you think your service impacted the issue you were working with and what do you believe are the next steps to continue the work in addressing this issue.


Examples for PEG 3:

After submitting a proposal and having it accepted, completed the following experiences.

Student A – Internship for the major.

Student B – Summer internship on your own.

Student C – International project through off campus study abroad program.

Student D – Community based research capstone project through major.

Student E – Community based project on your own.

Student F – Leadership of other students established on your own.

Student G
– Leadership through the Service Program.