Issue Workshops

Fall 2014:

Applications will be available in the next week! (Week of Sep. 14th)



About Issue Workshops:

These eight-week long workshops give Warren Wilson students a spectrum of experiences within one issue.  Through direct service and educational meetings, students gain a better understanding of how current policy affects community agencies and the populations they serve.  Time is set aside for students to meet with local experts, hear the stories of those directly involved, and reflect upon how their own perceptions of the issue over the course of the workshop.

Workshops enroll 6-10 students who participate as a group in direct service and advocacy and policy work to gain a better understanding of the issue. An attendance agreement is required. Participation in an Issue Workshop fulfills PEG 2 of the Community Engagement Commitment or counts as 25 hours towards the 100 hour service requirement.


Check out this video about Issue Workshops!

Curious about the end product of an Issue Workshop? Check out this video and others that have been compiled by participants in years past.

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