INSULATE!- program of Community Action Opportunities (CAO)


Address Warren Wilson College
Contact Person Service Program Office-Vivian Williamson
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Description of Agency: This agency connects students to Buncombe county residents. Generally work crews or classes go as a group for a one time trip. Not an ideal agency for individual service.

History: In 2008 students of Warren Wilson College convened a campus meeting and explored ideas of how to reduce the consumption of carbon based fuels. A group of three students stood and stated that they felt we needed to weatherize the homes of low income families who stand to also benefit financially by making their homes more energy efficient. Over 470 students volunteered over 2,820 hours to weatherize 47 homes during the period of 2008 to 2012. CAO also teaches WWC students on the steps of pre- and post- energy audits, no-cost insulation services, and long term energy monitoring. With some labor and materials donated by community partners, Warren Wilson students manage the program and the service crews that monitor and insulate these homes.