Hinds Feet Farm

Address 375 Hendersonville Rd.  Asheville, NC
Contact Person Erica Engelsman Rawls
Contact Info 828-274-0570 eengelsman@hindsfeetfarm.org
Website http://www.hindsfeetfarm.org/home.asp

About the agency: Hinds’ Feet Farm is dedicated to serving persons living with brain injury. Their mission is to maximize the post injury potential of persons living with brain injury with integrated, unique and holistic programs; allowing our members to pursue meaningful activities while developing a sense of belonging at home and in the surrounding communities. They will accomplish this mission with unique, person-centered, post-rehabilitation, community-based programs.

Volunteering: Hind's Feet Farm offers a one-of-a-kind truly rewarding opportunity for individuals who really want to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.  Their unique, member-driven, community-based program derives its strength and efficacy from creating, and engaging the power of the community - not just the community of members and staff, but also by engaging with you - members of the community-at-large.  Community Volunteers and Interns are an important and integral part of our program!