ABCCM Veterans Restoration Quarters


1329 Tunnel Road East, Asheville, NC 28805

Contact Person Kelley Freeman
Contact Info 828-299-8701 x 1615 &
Description of Agency:

At the ABCCM Veterans Restoration Quarters our mission is to create a Christ-centered environment and comprehensive residential program that addresses every area of restoration in the life of a homeless veteran. We work to provide each man with stability, personal skill building, educational and training opportunities leading to employment and housing and the restoration of personal dignity, faith and strength.

Our ministry accomplishes its mission through the diligent and compassionate efforts of trained staff, volunteers and community partners. Over 240 men reside nightly on the VRQ campus, a former 125 room motel. Our veterans are provided housing, meals, case management services, counseling, laundry facilities, a computer lab, gym, chapel and transportation to VA Medical Center appointments. Every effort is made to provide each man with the tools, direction and encouragement needed to arrive at genuine success and full restoration.