Tranzmission Prison Project

Contact Person Mirah Grey

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Description of Agency: Tranzmission is a group of folks (trans, queer, and otherwise!) who meet weekly to address issues relevant to the times, and to have a little fun! The group is dedicated to ending social-enforced, non-consensual gender tyranny. Meetings are on Tuesdays at 7:30 at the ACRC (135 Hilliard Lane Asheville, NC).

Ongoing Service Opportunities

Prisoner Support

Reading Letters and filling pisoners requests for books, information, zines, and resources and /or becoming  a stable pen pal for an LGBTQI prisoner.  It is also possible to run workshops on realities for Trans and Queer prisoners.  One hour traininf session on how to respond to and fill requests as well as prison restrictions/regulations.  Attendance of a presentaion if  desired.  From this service opportunity, students will learn to use limited resources as best as possible, work with a team, participate in/running workshoips, presentation skills, networking skills, providing support, research  skilles and a general knowledge of the prison undustrail complex. 

They are looking for 1-6 people to work during office hours but there is no limit to the number of pen pals needed.  Times are flexible so call to find out alternate times.