Fairview Elementary School Garden

Address  44 Woodland Drive, Fairview, NC
Contact Person  Mona Ellum
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Description of Agency:

We, at Fairview Elementary School, believe that we are responsible for meeting the educational needs of all students in order to create lifelong learners in a changing global society.  To fulfill that responsibility we are dedicated to giving children a variety of experiences that nurture individual learning styles, promote higher level thinking skills, and provide opportunities for every child to be successful.  We are committed to establishing a safe environment where students can focus on learning.  Our goal is to involve not only the school staff in these endeavors, but the students, parents and community as a whole.

Ongoing Service Opportunities

Classroom Garden Coordinator

We are looking for a student to bring classrooms (one at a time) to the school garden for curriculum-related guided teaching. Curriculum appropriate activities are available in the library and the student will be expectted to coordinate with the techer to lead lessons that will meet specific NC coursework requirements. Early Childhood Education with gardening experience is preferred. Minimum 2-4 hours slot once per week. Training provided first day.