Mountain Area Child and Family Center (MACFC)


2586 Riceville Road Asheville, NC 28805

Contact Person- Shawn Wolf

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Description of Agency:

Mountain Area Child and Family Center is an early learning program of distinction where young children thrive, families flourish, and early childhood professionals excel. We accomplish our mission through these four “Cornerstones”: high quality education, family services, health and nutrition services, and teacher education.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers are a vital part of the Mountain Area Child and Family Center.  We need volunteers to rock babies, to hold and play with toddlers, to read stories and books to children of all ages, to be a friend to a child and to assist teachers with housekeeping jobs like laundering cot sheets and blankets.  We could also use assistance with such things as secretarial tasks, landscaping and carpentry.  There is a place for you to volunteer and your services and time would be greatly appreciated.  If you are interested or know someone who would like to volunteer, please contact us.

Warren Wilson's Strong Partnership with MACFC:

At any given time you can walk the halls at the Riceville Center and find 3 or 4 students from Warren Wilson College helping educate our children, making play dough or cleaning toys. All in all, Warren Wilson College crew members and service learning volunteers donate over 5,000 hours every year in service to our children, families and teachers. In return, they get the opportunity to “job shadow” some of the best early childhood teachers in WNC and have real world experience in a childcare setting.

The relationship with Warren Wilson College extends far beyond their donation of student “man/woman” hours. Pat Tuttle, Warren Wilson’s liaison to MACFC, teaches one or two of her classes each semester in our Riceville location and serves as an invaluable resource for our teachers – helping them stay on the cutting edge in early childhood practices.