On Your Own

Service On Your Own doesn't have to be lonely. It is just envisioned by you!
Do you have service that you want to continue doing?
Do you have service that you want to introduce to the campus?
Do you know of any service opportunities that you are interested in?


Then DO IT!

We can help you get started on your own service experience with an organization working to make a positive impact within the community. The length of service and commitment is up to you and the agency you decide to work with. Get in touch with the agency directly or come by the office to ask a crew member for help.  Watch for workshops offered on how to connect with a community partner to give you extra preparation for establishing that relationship.

Check out the Calendar, Downtown Asheville Opportunity map, and The Most Meaningful Bus Ride Ever map for updates!

You can do service on your own in the Asheville-Buncombe area during the academic year, in your home community over breaks or with national and international communities during travel or study away from Warren Wilson.

How Do You Get Service Verified?

 Remember to have the agency sign a Service Verification Form and return it to our office to submit your hours.

In most cases we do not have the resources to arrange transportation for on your own service, but if you have a group of students working together or if you are making a ongoing commitment to an agency, we may be able to provide a van if one is available.

To explore agencies the Service Program is already partners with... check out our Calendar and Agency Directory


Systemic Changes through Policy & Advocacy

Finally, if you are unsure of where to start, think about your passions. What do you care most about?  Are you involved with advocacy and policy work? Click the link below to see how you can build connections between your service and advocacy work.