Spiritual Life Crew Members

 Andrew Dwyer  Andrew Dwyer, Eastern Traditions and Library Coordinator

Lenna Loveland  Grace Loveland, Crew Manager and Program Coordinator

         Grace is a Sophormore (she thinks) majoring in Creative Writing.  Her spiritual interests involve attempting to better understand the universe while recognizing the limitations of human knowledge. As Crew Manager and Program Coordinator, Grace works to maintain the office working environment and helps coordinate programming to serve the Spiritual Life Crew's mission statement.  She loves polar bears and black labs, and can turn both of her shoulders upside down. 

Lauren Mack  Lauren Mack, Western Traditions Co-Coordinator and Interfaith Facilitator

Gabriel Sifuentes  Gabriel Sifuentes, Western Traditions Co-Coordinator

      Gabriel is a Junior studying Creative Writing and Religion.  Gabriel helps to design Christian programming and provides support for Christian organizations.  Gabriel in interested between the intersection between the Christian faith and the secular world.  Gabriel's passions include Iowa sports, music, and Disney movies. 

Jonah Simmons  Jonah Simmons, Social Justice Coordinator