The Merry Pagans

The Merry Pagans meet weekly to discuss the ways we honor Nature in our spiritualities and how we may learn from each other’s wisdom. All are welcome whether you worship Inanna, Osiris, Jesus, Mithra, Kali, Buddha, Obadalah, Earth Mother, Sky Father, Satan, Elohim, Diana, Enki, Cthulhu, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or the Invisible Pink Unicorn. You have a place here whether you worship by praying in the silences of your heart, or you spend quality time with the trees wearing only a circlet of wildflowers, or you cast a chalk circle in your finest ceremonial robes and say your bedtime prayers in Enochian. We have an informal and unstructured meeting where questions and critique are welcome. There may be a brief prayer or a simple ritual during the meeting, but never anything to alienate or exhibit any particular faith. The traditional Celtic Sabbats are celebrated with a public get together and a potluck, although any holiday would surely be welcomed if suggested a week or two in advance. Email us at if you have any questions at all, or if you want a pen-pal and some human contact.