Quaker Meeting

The Warren Wilson Quaker Group meets Thursdays at 7, in the first Rabbit Hutch (on that turn-off near Eco. Don't worry. I don't know it was there either!).  Everyone is welcome! We begin our meetings by singing together out of the songbook Rise Up Singing, which includes everything from Gospel standards to silly summer-camp ditties. Then we enter into forty-five minutes of silent worship, which is an opportunity for each person present to pray, meditate, listen for divine guidance, or simply reflect on life. Anyone who feels led to share a message with the group may do so out of the silence, but we believe that deep spiritual communion can take place in worship even when no words are spoken. We close with a time of informal fellowship, sharing and witnessing our joys and struggles.

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Quakerism, formally known as the Religious Society of Friends, was founded in England in 1652 by George Fox, a young man from a working class background with no formal religious training. Many early Friends were beaten and jailed for their religious convictions and their radical social witness to the absolute equality of all. The Society of Friends was the first Christian sect to recognize women in the ministry, and Quakers were early and persistent advocates for the abolition of slavery. Friends have also struggled to reform prisons, protect the rights of Conscientious Objectors to war, and promote global disarmament. Quakers have recently been a strong voice for recognizing environmental degradation as a moral and spiritual issue.

Quakers believe that there is that of God in everyone, and try to ground their lives in the Testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, and Equality. But you don't have to be a Quaker to worship with us! (Several people in the group are not.)


Hilary Bisenieks

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