Counseling Center Staff

Art Shuster - Director & Counselor

I'm Art Shuster, known as the director of the Counseling Center. I work primarily as a counselor, meeting with students privately/confidentially, to address concerns, explore situations, identify resources, and sort out crisis situations.

I also work on more administrative activities that involve the Counseling and Health centers, from staffing and budgeting to long range planning and development, and sometimes hauling water jugs or stalking stinging insects.

I have a BSW in Social Work from WWC, and a MSW from the University of South Carolina. I am a licensed clinical social worker, and a licensed clinical addictions specialist, and I've been working with individuals in the area of personal and behavioral health since 1991. Prior to that I've had an array of life opportunities to include making donuts on the graveyard shift, picking fruits and veggies alongside migrant workers, racing bicycles professionally, and performing with a US dance team in Puerto Rico and Italy.

I've sometimes told the story of how I, as a very green RD of Sage dorm, having become disillusioned with the gap between my idealized perception of WWC and the realities of it as a flawed and imperfect institution, once stated that I'd never work here. Then after living, working, and studying in a variety of settings, here I am, 24 years later, believing this is the best place I've ever worked, and the best use of my skills and life potential imaginable.
Heather Wingert - Counselor
Heather received her BA in Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin, then attended Washington University in St. Louis where she earned her MSW specializing in mental health. Before joining the WWC community in 2014, she worked as a therapist in private practice and was the Director of the Asheville based nonprofit, T.H.E. Center for Disordered Eating. Heather believes building a positive relationship with oneself on a path to create meaningful change involves a great deal of humility, honesty and compassion. Heather is a soap making enthusiast and loves hiking along the Blue Ridge and around the world, including treks across Italy, New Zealand, Central and South America.
Jil Meadows - Counselor

As a counselor here at WWC I work with students to help them meet the goals which they've established for themselves. This often includes
increasing stress and time management skills; adopting healthier self-care habits; working through issues related to relationships,
family dynamics, grief and/or loss; basically helping students navigate the place we call Warren Wilson and helping them become who they most want to be. I work with individuals and couples and am open to working with groups of students as well.

I have a Bachelors in English from WWC and a Masters of Social Work from Smith College. I am currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in NC and I am also a writer for the social work examination for the Association of Social Work Boards.

Fun fact: I currently write country music songs including titles such as: "Why Don't You Ask Me (When I'm Sober);" "I Don't Want to Want You;" "It Takes Me All Night (Just To Do What I Used To Do All Night)" and "My Redneck Twin."

I enjoy music, attempts at music, and humor and attempts at humor!