Residence Life Staff

Joyce Milling - Director

I'm the Director of Residence Life. My main role is to supervise the Area Coordinators and support them in fostering a positive community in the residence halls for students.

I earned a Masters of Education with an emphasis in Higher Education Administration from The College of William and Mary. Before coming to WWC, I worked for three years as an Area Coordinator in Residence Life at The Catholic University of America.

My favorite quote is "The world owes us nothing, we owe each other the world."
Megan Letchworth - Area Coordinator
& Housing Coordinator
I am the Area Coordinator for the Ballfields area as well as the Coordinator for Housing.

I graduated from UNC Greensboro with a BA in Classical Studies and recently graduated from the University of South Carolina with a masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs

I knew I wanted to work at WWC from the moment I drove onto on campus but having lunch with the students really sealed the deal for me when we spent 30 minutes talking about board games
Crystal Ebert - Area Coordinator &
First Year Experience
I'm the Area Coordinator in charge of the First Year Experience. This means that I supervise all of the RAs, RDs, and happenings in Sunderland and Vining. I'm also the crew boss for the First Year Programming crew, which is made up of all first year students assisting their peers in the transition to college.

I received a BA from Gettysburg College in English & Philosophy. Post college, I worked full time at St. John's College in Annapolis, MD for almost six years. I completed two Masters degrees during my time at St. John's--an MA in Education and Human Development with a focus on Higher Education/Student Affairs, and the MA in Liberal Arts from St. John's.

The required service program was what primarily attracted me to WWC. I'm also thrilled with the pro-pet policy: I happily live in Sunderland with my newly adopted Norfolk Terrier, Atlas.
Leigh Manuel - Area Coordinator & Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Coordinator

Hi there! I'm the Area Coordinator for the Village as well as the Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Coordinator. I supervise the brand-new Allies in Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) crew.

I received my Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Clemson University in 2011. I am a National Certified Counselor and am currently pursuing my Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist credential. Prior to joining Warren Wilson College, I worked for Partnership for a Drug-Free NC where I counseled clients with mental and behavioral health concerns and provided them with advocacy, case management, and crisis response services. My experiences working in the field of substance abuse put in perspective the importance of prevention education and I'm excited for the chance to focus in on that here at Warren Wilson.

I love eating good food, enjoying the outdoors, and spending time with fun, interesting people and I can't imagine a better place to do that than at WWC. To get in touch with me feel free to call, email, or better yet stop by my office in Lower Glad. I'd like to meet you!
I am the Area Coordinator of Sage Circle and the Conduct Coordinator. It means I continue the efforts to ensure a healthy and safe living environment for all, including the utilization of a Student Hearing Board.

I went to George Mason University for my undergraduate and first Masters in Education, then worked at Fordham University as a Hall Director and got a second Masters degree, this time in Modern European History. I served in Mongolia for two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer at an abandoned Soviet Air Force Base!

I like to run marathons, scuba dive, play video games, watch Dr. Who and Futurama and read Star Wars Extended Universe books. I also have been known to play DnD when I can get enough geeky friends to join me.

Quote: "Imagine all I would do if I did all that I could" -Sun Tzu
Josh Jacobs - Area Coordinator &
Conduct Coordinator