Wellness Center Staff


Charlie Wright - Wellness Director &
Athletics Trainer
“If I’d known I was going to live so long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
– Mickey Mantle
Like everyone here at Warren Wilson College, I wear multiple hats. I manage the Training Room, taking care of 120 athletes. I also teach tennis classes and I am the Director of the Wellness Program.

In the late 60’s I was in the Elementary Education Program (Urban Ed.) at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo when the call of the open road overcame me. I headed west (heeding Horace Greeley’s advice) on my trusty ’65 BMW motorcycle to the Rocky Mountains. That began a seven year odyssey that included taking care of elephants in a circus, becoming a tennis pro at various resorts and country clubs, bicycling around North America for four years, hopping freight trains, living in a tepee and a tree house, and many other marvelous adventures. It was the best education I ever got!

Those seven years ignited in me a passion for Wellness and Holistic Healing that, 40 years later, has never diminished. I started and ran a holistic health clinic in Alabama and I have studied and practiced the art of Specialized Kinesiology for more than 30 years. Along the way I have worked with a wide assortment of world class and Olympic athletes.

I also found time to raise five kids and am about to become a grandpa! I’ve been at Warren Wilson College since 2002 and I truly believe that this college gives me a place to use all my skills that I’ve gathered over the past 40 years. Health, wellness, and the healing arts are still my passion.