The Student Handbook

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About the Student Handbook

Warren Wilson College publishes a Student Handbook each year to help students understand how the College is structured and to inform them of what is expected of them as members of the College community. The Student Handbook provides information about the organization of the College and campus policy. This Handbook should be used in tandem with the Warren Wilson College Catalog.  Both publications should be read carefully; students are responsible for knowing and understanding its content.
Be advised that the provisions of this Handbook are not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between the student and Warren Wilson College. The information in the Student Handbook is current as of this publication but is subject to change.

2014-15 Student Handbook
2013-14 Student Handbook
2012-13 Student Handbook
2011-12 Student Handbook
2010-11 Student Handbook
2009-10 Student Handbook

Emergency Information

Call in Case of Emergency

Fire, Ambulance or Police:  call Public Safety 828-230-4592
Immediate assistance from Public Safety:  828-230-4592

To Receive Emergency Information

WWC Emergency Information Line:  828-258-4521
All Campus Email List:
The Inside Page:
Cell Phone Text (SMS) Alerts:

On Campus Support Office After Hours
Student Life Office 3800  
Housing Office 2071  
Counseling Center    
  Art Shuster 3773 828-230-3712
  Anne Riddle Lundblad 3700 828-775-0847
  Jil Meadows 3905 828-216-8996
Health Center 2053  
Center for Gender and Relationships
(formerly RISE Project)

Off Campus Support               
Help Referral Hotline - 211
Our Voice: Rape Crisis Center - 255-7576
Helpmate: Relationship Violence - 254-0516

The area code for Western North Carolina is 828. The three digit extension for WWC is 771. A complete online directory is available at

Emergency Procedures

Alcohol First Aid: DO

  • Assist the person to a comfortable and safe place
  • Use a calm, strong voice; be firm
  • Lay the person down on their side with knees bent so they won’t choke if they vomit

Get Help If:

  • The person is unconscious and cannot be awakened
  • The person’s skin is cold, clammy, pale or bluish
  • Breathing is slow or irregular


  • Give cold showers
  •  Try to walk them around
  • Provoke a fight by arguing with or laughing at someone who is drunk
  • Leave an intoxicated person alone
  • Try and counsel the person
  • Give them anything to eat or drink

If You Are Sexually Assaulted

  • Go to a place where you feel safe
  • Call someone for support and discuss your options:
    The RISE Hotline: Ext. 3799
    Our VOICE (Rape Crisis Center): 828-255-7576
    Campus Public Safety: 230-4592 (cell)
    If possible, do not shower, bathe, clean up or use the toilet. This can preserve physical evidence, in case you decide to go to a medical facility for treatment or evidence collection.
  • Remember that this is not your fault. This was a crime committed against you and you are not to blame. Surviving the assault took great strength and courage.
  • You can decide how to respond; you are the one that knows what is best for you. There are resources, both on-campus and off-campus, available to help you immediately and long term.

Sometimes it is hard to keep this experience to yourself. Talking about what happened, or exploring your options with someone, can be helpful. The Center for Gender and Relationships is one campus resource available to you. All of our services are confidential and non-judgmental; this means we will not tell anyone about your experiences and that we understand this was not your fault. Reach out to us, or someone that you feel comfortable with, when you are ready. You can also contact Our VOICE (the local rape crisis center), the WWC Counseling Center, the WWC Health Center, or whomever makes you feel the most comfortable.