4.0.0 Financial Aid and Information

4.1.0 Financial Costs

Carli Damien, Accounts Receivable Supervisor
Ext. 2062 Accounting Office, Upper Ogg

4.1.1 Accounting Office

The Accounting Office will make every effort to have the Student Account window open from 8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. These hours may change from term to term depending on student workers’ class schedules. The minimum hours of operation will be 8:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M., 1:30 P.M. to 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.

4.1.2 Costs 2013-2014

Warren Wilson College participates in all federal aid programs (Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Direct Loans, Perkins Loan, and College Work Study) as well as state aid programs. This federal and state assistance is supplemented by substantial aid from College institutional sources. A student must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress to continue receiving financial aid. See section 4.2.7 Satisfactory Academic Progress or visit the Office of Financial Aid if you have any questions.

4.1.3 Hampe Loans

Interest-free loans of up to $50 are available from a fund set up in memory of Florence and Warren Hampe. Loan applicants must be financially clear and have a good credit rating with the College. Loans must be repaid within 30 days or a $5 fee will be added. Loan applications are available from Accounting. Loans are not available during breaks or during the last 30 days of the semester.


  Resident Student Resident Student Day Student 
  Basic Meal
Meal Plan
++Tuition*  $29,150.00   $29,150.00 $29,150.00
Fees $390.00 $390.00 $390.00
Room/Board** $9,058.00 $8,796.00 0
Day Student Fee 0 0 1,000.00
++Estimated Work Earnings** (3,480.00)  (-3,480.00) 0
NET COST $35,118.00 $34,856.00 $30,540.00


New Students Only
(In addition to charges listed for continuing students)
Resident Student Premium Meal Plan Resident Student Basic Meal Plan Day Student
Orientation Fee $260.00 $260.00 $260.00
Security Deposit $400.00 $400.00 $400.00
TOTAL NEW STUDENT $35,778.00 $35,516.00 $31,200.00

++In anticipation of a change in the federal minimum wage, Warren Wilson College reserves the right to make a change in costs commensurate with any required increase in earnings so that revenues and expenses remain neutral.

Continuing Student Payment Plan REGULAR PLAN Resident Student Premium Meal Plan Resident Student Basic Meal Plan Day Student
Due July 15, 2013 $17,489.00 $17,358.00 $15,200.00
Due Dec. 15, 2013 $17,889.00 $17,758.00 $15,600.00

4.1.5 Monthly Payment Plan

Tuition Management Systems is a non-affiliated financial service offering a liberal installment plan of monthly payments (for the charges listed above) with a modest application fee. Contact as follows: Tuition Management Systems, P.O. Box 0169, Cincinnati, OH 45274-0169. 1-888-713-7234. www.afford.com (Website), tmsservice@afford.com

Full-time tuition charges are based on 12 -18-credit hours per semester. Students enrolled during a semester for more than 18 hours will pay $725.00 per credit hour for each credit hour in excess of 18 (see Chapter Eight: Academic Life & the WWC Degree). Charges for part-time students may be obtained at the Accounting Office.

Room charges are based on double occupancy for the regular academic period of the semester. Single rooms are an additional $775.00 per semester. Due to the limited number of available single rooms, advanced billing is not available. Payment must be made at the time your request for a single room is granted.

A deferment of payment will be issued for the estimated gross payroll for the academic year. Any difference between GROSS & NET pay will be billed at the end of each semester or upon withdrawal from Warren Wilson College. The difference would include unworked hours and federal & state withholding taxes. As an employer, Warren Wilson College is required by law to withhold payroll taxes, which are forwarded to federal and state agencies. Taxes are withheld based on the information the student provides on the W-4 and NC-4 forms. The W-2 will be sent to the student’s campus box by January 31.

Orientation for New Freshmen/Transfers $260.00
($130 for January Admits)  
Security Deposit * $400.00
Comprehensive Fees $195.00
Full-time Tuition (12 - 18 credit hours) $14,575.00
Room and Board Premium $4,581.00
Day Student (Commuter) Fee $500.00
Registration Fee (due each April for fall registration) $400.00

* One-time fee to new and readmitted students that is replenished and can be increased as necessary.

4.1.6 Registration Fee

A non-refundable, non-transferable fee of $400 will be required in April of each year prior to registration for the next semester classes. A credit for payment of this fee will be applied to the semester for which you pre-registered. You will receive a statement for this fee approximately 3 weeks prior to registration and will not be allowed to register unless student account is paid in full. Students should consult the student handbook regarding other fines/fees (i.e. dorm fines, parking fines, library fines, etc.). Some classes (art, music, canoeing, etc.) require an additional fee to cover costs above regular tuition charges. Your class schedule or course instructor will advise you if there are additional fees for your class. Books and supplies may be purchased at the Campus Bookstore. Payment must be made at the time of purchase. The Campus Bookstore accepts cash, personal checks made out to WWC Bookstore, and VISA, MASTERCARD, or AMX credit cards. If paying by credit card, the card must be imprinted with the name of the student making the purchase. Costs for books vary, depending on classes. An average of $450 per semester is a good estimate.

4.1.7 Change of Status Fee

Students moving from off to on campus or on to off campus during the 16 week semester will be charged a $100.00 administrative fee.

4.1.8 Collection and Billing Policies

The following guidelines and procedures will be utilized in the establishment and collection of all student obligations to the College.

4.1.9 Due Dates

The due dates for payment of fees, deposits, tuition, room and board are established according to the approved Warren Wilson College payment plan chosen by the student. Students and persons responsible for payment are required to sign a payment agreement, which will specify the due dates.

4.1.10 Billing Charges

Students receive notice of library charges, parking tickets, and other fines from the originating source (i.e. library, Public Safety office, housing, etc.). At this point, the student has 10 days to respond to the charge. If the student does not respond, the charge is turned over to the Accounting Office. The Accounting Office cannot change/remove these fines. Questions must be directed to the originating source. A $5.00 billing charge will be added if the charge must be billed by the Accounting Office after the first 10-day response period.

4.1.11 Penalties

Students who have outstanding debts will not be permitted to register for the next semester. Further, students may not be permitted to occupy residence hall space or to work during breaks if their accounts are in arrears. Students having accounts over 30 days past due, who demonstrate an unwillingness to fulfill their financial obligations or who have a history of financial delinquency will be subject to other actions such as loss of room and board privileges and/or suspension from classes. If a student or former student is in arrears on tuition, loan payments, or other financial obligations to the College (dorm damages, etc.), the College will withhold all grading information. A former student having an account balance outstanding with the College, or in default on a loan, will be notified at his or her last known address. If prompt settlement is not made, the matter will be referred to a collection agency at the expense of the debtor.

4.1.12 Collection

Failure to remit required payments will prevent graduation and/or release of transcripts. Warren Wilson College may utilize all the legal avenues available to pursue delinquent accounts.

4.1.13 Bad Check Fees

A fine of $25.00 will be charged each time there is a returned check. After 3 checks are returned Warren Wilson College will no longer accept personal checks as payment.

4.1.14 Late Payment Fee

Charges not paid by the due date will be assessed a late payment fee as follows:

4.1.15 Forfeiture of Fees

Incoming students will automatically forfeit their deposit should they decide not to attend Warren Wilson College. Returning students will forfeit their registration deposits should they decide not to return to Warren Wilson College. Returning students will also forfeit their $195.00 semester fees should they decide not to return after the payment due date for each semester (July 15 for fall semester, December 15 for spring semester).

4.1.16 Special Circumstances

We realize that a student may find himself or herself in special circumstances that preclude payment of a financial obligation by the due date. Such a student may apply in writing to the College Controller for a deferral of payment. The Controller will provide a deferment for a reasonable period unless the student has a history of unnecessary financial delinquencies or no means of paying by the new due date. The student will be responsible for normal late payment fees and interest charges.

4.1.17 Appeals Process

A student may appeal any fine, fee, charge, or denial of deferment in writing to the Vice President of Administration and Finance, who will consult with the President and/or appropriate staff member(s) and will provide a written final decision within 10 days.

4.1.18 Security Deposit

Each student will provide a $400 Security Deposit to the college by July 15 for the fall semester or by December 15 for the spring semester. The College will retain this deposit until the student formally withdraws or graduates from the College. The College, at its option, may deduct from this deposit any past due financial charges, fines, fees or other obligations to Warren Wilson College incurred by the student.

The College may increase the total amount required for this deposit if the student demonstrates an unwillingness to fulfill financial obligations or if the student has a history of unnecessary financial delinquencies. The College will return to the student, upon graduation or withdrawal, any remaining deposit funds. Refunds will generally be made within 10 days. Students having no charges made to their deposits will have interest of $1.25 per semester posted to their account to be refunded with the security deposit.

NOTE: Other charges you may experience are the costs of a parking permit, lab fees, late registration fee, parking fines, late payment fee, etc. You will purchase your textbooks, as you need them. The costs, dependent upon your academic major and class schedule, could average as much as $460 per semester. Your personal expenses for entertainment, transportation home over breaks will vary with your lifestyle and distance. An average cost is estimated at $1747 per semester. BE PREPARED TO BUY YOUR BOOKS BY THE SECOND DAY OF CLASSES. DO NOT DEPEND UPON FINANCIAL AID TO PAY FOR BOOKS OR PERSONAL EXPENSES. (New students will register for classes during orientation in August or January.) Funds from banks, donors and government agencies will be received by the College at different times throughout the semester. There is no overpayment on an account until all funds have been received. This delay in receiving funds creates delays of refunding overpayments.

4.2.0 Institutional Policies

Financial Aid Director
Ext. 2082 Financial Aid, Lower Ogg

(Please find this information in the College Catalog: 1.06 Withdrawal and Refund Policy. Cross-references are linked below.)

4.2.1 2013 - 2014 Institutional Withdrawal and Refund Policy:
Return of Federal  Funds, Return of State Funds

College Catalog cross-reference: 1.06 Withdrawal and Refund Policy.

4.2.2 Institutional Withdrawal Policy

College Catalog cross-reference: 1.06.1 - Institutional Withdrawal Policy.

4.2.3 Institutional Refund Policy

College Catalog cross-reference: 1.06.2 - Institutional Refund Policy.

4.2.4 Return of Federal Funds

College Catalog cross-reference: 1.06.3 - Federal Return of Funds.

4.2.5 Return of State Funds

(NC/PA/VT/RI/others) Awards made by a state will be refunded back to that state as directed by that state’s policy. Most are consistent with the “Return of Federal Funds”. North Carolina has its own policy and refund calculation worksheet. Copies of any completed refund calculation worksheets are available upon request.

4.2.6 Return of All Other Funds

College Catalog cross-reference: 1.06.4 - Return of All Other Funds.

4.2.7 Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards (Fall 2013)

College Catalog cross-reference: 1.05.7 - Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.

4.2.8 What is Different from Previous SAP?

College Catalog cross-reference: 1.05.7 - Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.