7.0.0 Motor Vehicles & Parking

7.1.0 Motor Vehicle Policy

7.1.1 The Student Philosophy Behind the Parking Policy

In furthering our commitment to the environment, Warren Wilson is taking steps to limit the presence of cars and parking lots on our beautiful campus. This policy was created by students and is being implemented primarily by students. We hope to have your support. We hope also that more and more students in the years ahead will voluntarily make the decision to leave cars at home or sell them all together, a proud sacrifice in the name of community and the environment.

Operating a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege, and it is necessary for every driver to comply with the rules and regulations governing motor vehicle use as established by the Buildings and Grounds Committee and Public Safety. The College makes every effort to provide protection for on-campus vehicles but does not assume responsibility for loss or damage. Public Safety has specific authority to enforce the following rules and regulations, which apply to all students, staff, and visitors. Regulations can also be found on the WWC website.

7.1.2 Vehicle Registration Students

First year students may not bring a vehicle to campus. Residential students must obtain parking permits at the Accounting Office; the fee is payable upon registration. Day students may receive a free permit by filling out a day student contract form in the Student Life Office in Dodge and then taking a copy of that form to the Accounting Office. A permit is valid for one academic year. Stickers must be permanently affixed to the left rear bumper. Motorcycle stickers must be permanently affixed to the top of the headlight. In the event that the student acquires a new vehicle, thereby needing another permit, he/she must present as much of the old sticker as possible to the Accounting Office in order to obtain a new sticker at no cost. If no part of the old sticker is presented, a new permit must be purchased through the Accounting Office at the full cost. A student who has not paid for a permit by the end of the first term add/drop period or who violates the College Motor Vehicle Policy may lose her/his parking privileges.

Staff: All staff-owned vehicles operated on campus must display a parking permit on the left rear bumper or lower back window. Permits for staff are available at no cost at the Accounting Office.

Visitors: All overnight (1 A.M. to 7 A.M.) visitors are required to display a Visitor Parking Pass, available at the Public Safety or Conference Leaders. Call 230-4592 for a parking pass. There is no charge.

7.1.3 Regulations

For students attending class or other events on campus, parking is prohibited along Warren Wilson Rd. in the area from the Service Road to the Swannanoa River Bridge. Areas where students can park:

Areas where students can park after hours to use Morse, Witherspoon, Bannerman, Library or Spidel:

The following illegal acts will result in a ticket or towing:

7.1.4 Penalties / Citations

The following fines will be imposed for violations:

7.1.5 Appeals

Written appeals of citations and suspensions will be considered if submitted to the Vehicle Ticket Appeals Committee at CPO 6118.

7.1.6 Towing

Illegally parked vehicles may be towed at the College's discretion, at the owner's expense, without prior notice.

7.1.7 Emergency Conditions

During emergency conditions regulations may change. Roadways must be kept clear for emergency vehicles. Roadways must be kept clear for emergency vehicles when conditions include ice and snow. Sledding and sliding will not be permitted in roadways needed for emergency access.

7.1.8 Accidents

All accidents on campus must be reported immediately to the Public Safety Office, and the involved parties must fill out an Accident Report.

7.1.9 Large Vehicles

Due to limited parking on campus, no vehicle over 8400lbs. GVW (gross vehicle weight) will be permitted to park on college property. The exceptions to this will be visiting school buses for athletic events and tour buses.

7.2.0 College Vehicles

Auto Shop, Ext. 3082 Facilities Management

If you are assigned to a crew on which you drive a College vehicle, you will need to sign an application stating you will allow us to conduct a motor vehicle license record check, and submit a copy of your state issued driver’s license. To drive a pick-up truck, passenger car or minivan you will be issued a campus license after completing the application and presenting a valid state drivers license. The same procedures are required to be able to drive a 10 passenger or 14 passenger minibuses, and you will need to take two online safety instruction courses and tests.

After successful completion of the online tests, you will be assigned a campus trainer for the road test. The road test will take up to three hours, depending on your prior experience with these type vehicles. When you successfully pass the road test the trainer will complete the license authorization form and bring it to the Motorpool office in the FMTS building so a license can be issued. To be able to drive a 25 passenger bus you must have a Federal CDL license. The Motorpool Supervisor coordinates the tests and issues campus licenses.

To schedule a vehicle for a College-sponsored trip, the user must complete the online Vehicle Request Form (http://www.warren-wilson.edu/~motorpool/requestform.php) located on the Inside Page under "Facilities Management Technical Services" then "Motorpool". All reservations are granted on a first come first serve basis and the requester should receive a CONFIRM or DECLINE email within approximately 48 hours. The operator of the vehicle is responsible for the safety of all passengers riding in or on the vehicles. Drivers and passengers are expected to wear seatbelts, when available. Upon completion of the trip vehicles can be returned to any legal parking space on campus. Keys should be returned to the either the drop box on the Autoshop door or on the Ogg building next to Public Safety. Anything brought on to a vehicle should be taken off or placed in the trash bag provided. If your vehicle needs change please contact the Motorpool/Customer Service as soon as plausible so your reservation can be altered and possibly allowing someone else to use that vehicle. Operators of College buses should have previous experience and have a state issued CDL license, and be comfortable with driving a vehicle of that size. They should also be competent backing up using outside rear view mirrors. Alcohol cannot be transported in any College vehicle.

Students taking prescription medication, which requires caution in the operation of motor vehicles, should not operate College vehicles.