2014 - 2015 Study Abroad Courses

Warren Wilson College encourages students to study abroad and offers special funding and support.  The following study abroad courses will take place during the 2014-2015 academic year.  WWC study abroad courses include at least sixteen weeks of on-campus coursework, class meetings and orientation sessions prior to departure for off-campus sites. Travel may last an entire term (eight weeks), but most study abroad courses fit into students’ summer or winter break schedules with a shorter travel segment of two to four weeks. Students are required to return to campus the semester following travel to complete assignments, reflect on their experiences and share their observations and stories with the community.  All courses are 4 credits.

**Applications for spring 2015 Study Abroad Courses will be available Monday, September 15. The application deadline is Wednesday, October 1.**

The costs of tuition, airfare, lodging, local transportation and some meals are covered by program fees and financial support from the College. Students are expected to pay for the following additional expenses: fees for passports, visas, tourist cards or other necessary documents; medical expenses (eg, innoculations) and medicines; tips; laundry; telephone calls; postage; gifts; fees for non-required activities or excursions; and some meals. Participants must be qualified for the program in terms of credit hours, GPA, and any course pre-requisites.

Semester I course with winter break travel


THR 377: Contemporary Theater Culture in London

This course will examine the cultural diversity of London through a study of works by contemporary playwrights, including English, British-Bengali, British-Grenadian, and British-Jamaican. Students will delve deeply into plays that explore social, cultural, political issues such as race, class, nationality, gender identity and conflict, while considering the broader context of recent social history in contemporary, multicultural London. The course will also include an introduction to theatre, during which students will study the fundamentals of theatre criticism and appreciation. Following the Semester I course on campus, the group will travel together to London where they will stay in centrally-located flats.  There they will have daily class meetings, attend a number of live performances, a workshop, participate in excursions, and have ample time to take advantage of the myriad of cultural and historic sites around this fascinating city.


Semester II course with summer break travel

 Ireland Burren

ART 37X: Hand Held: Photography and the Visual Book – Ireland

In this exciting new offering, students will engage in concentrated artistic practice and learn techniques and processes used in making visual books. Participants will explore the unique and extraordinary landscape of Ireland's Burren region, as well as Irish cultural traditions via literature, music, and dance.  On campus during Semester II, the class will explore photography and visual and sculptural books that incorporate diverse global perspectives.  The group will then travel to Dublin and across Ireland to work in the studios at the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan on the western coast.  In Dublin, the group will visit The Library Project to learn about photobooks and zines, view The Book of Kells at Trinity University, and visit other exhibitions pertaining to books and artwork ranging from ancient to contemporary Irish and European culture.



ENS 377: Natural and Cultural Histories of Alaska

Prerequisites: Backcountry camping experience and at least one of : BIO202 Ecology; ENS201 Applied Ecology; ENS230 Geology; ENS229 Environmental Geology; ANT145 The Archaeology of World Cultures; ANT338 Archaeology and the Environment.

Students will learn about Alaska’s natural and cultural history as it relates to environmental issues.  The course focuses on the region’s major natural resources and geological features, meeting with Native American communities, commercial fishermen and others in the region who rely on these resources for employment, cultural heritage and recreation. Participants will also gain an understanding of Alaska’s unique geology and participate in gathering traditional foods of the region. Good physical condition, primitive camping experience, and flexible diet are required. Students must also be comfortable around water, boats and cool, wet weather. Travel will take place in August just prior to the start of the fall semester 2015.


China Course

HIS 377: Change and Continuity in China

Students in this course will study and explore modern China, gaining an exposure to its broad, complex history through Mao’s revolution, post-Mao developments, and its rapid urbanization. Pre-travel coursework will be centered on Chinese history and politics, but it will also include a brief introduction to language, traditional Chinese customs and culture. After several days in Beijing visiting historical sites, the group will travel to Shandong Province, home to 100 million people and birthplace of Confucius.  At Liaocheng University in Shandong Province, students will interact with Chinese students and study language, painting, and martial arts.  Students will climb the sacred Tai mountain, visit a factory, spend time in a village, and tour Qufu, one of the best-preserved cities of ancient China. The course travel concludes with a stay in Dr. Han’s hometown in the coastal city of Qingdao.


ODL 37X: Environment, Culture and Adventure Tourism in Armenia

Prerequisite:  ODL100 History and Philosophy of Adventure Education.

Warren Wilson College is pleased to offer students this unique opportunity to study in Armenia with a new Outdoor Leadership course. Having lived and worked in Armenia, Dr. Overholt will share her special insights and appreciation of this beautiful nation as the class examines human-natural environment interactions, on-going efforts toward environmental education, and Armenia’s emerging adventure tourism industry. On campus during Semester II, students will gain an introduction to the culture, literature, geography and natural and social history of Armenia through readings, activities, projects, and guest presentations.  Participants will spend two weeks in Armenia at the end of the semester exploring historical and cultural sites in villages and Yerevan, the capital city, as well as engaging in outdoor activities including hiking and bird watching.  Plans include a service project, visiting an environmental education center, and meeting with university experts in Yerevan regarding adventure tourism, and the natural environment. 

Semester II course with summer term travel


LAN 377/378 Spanish Language and Contemporary Mexican Culture: Word, Image, and Immersion
Semester II, 2015 (LAN 377, 1 credit.) & Summer 2015 (LAN 378, 4 credits.)

Prerequisite: Spanish II or permission of instructor

Students will use Mexican cinema, photography and literature to explore contemporary Mexican identity and culture. After on-campus study, students will travel to the beautiful city of Puebla, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where they will spend 4 weeks participating in a summer session provided by WWC’s partner institution, Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP). Students will stay with Mexican families in the city of Puebla, take language courses at the university and visit cultural sites such as ancient pyramids and the colonial city of Oaxaca. During the final week, the group will stay with host families in a rural village nestled in a nature preserve located about an hour from Puebla. While there, students will work with community members on a variety of service projects involving social and environmental endeavors.

*Please note that this course fee includes one month in Mexico and summer tuition for 4 credits.