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The Web Crew assists the Web Director in maintaining the college website, and they hold primary responsibility for providing support to departments, groups, and individuals who maintain their own sites. The Web Crew office is in Orr / Admission.

Crew members begin with a basic knowledge of HTML, a good work ethic, and good communication skills. The work schedule is flexible and up to the students' discretion, requiring some mandatory office time. There are creative opportunities, and students work extensively out of the office with members of the college community. Students learn new skills primarily in online self-teaching environments, but training is also available via workshops and distance learning.


Educational opportunities include:

Current Crew

Morgan Davis
Email: mdavis00@warren-wilson.edu
Phone: 5820 (w)
Box: 6006

Former Crews

2008-2009 Web Crew
2006-2007 Web Crew
2005-2006 Web Crew