Day In The Life


Work Program Office Student Crew

We are a small crew who likes to get work done! We each have our own office specialties that range from editing, contacting crews individually, to social media. However, we all work together as a whole to complete some of the following tasks:

-Perform general administrative assistant/clerical functions

-Help with the orientation of new students to the Work Program

-Complete federal employment paperwork

-Provide customer service to the college community and beyond

-Become familiar with computer input and operation

-Love on Lola cat

-Weekly and monthly chores to keep the cabin tidy


Dean of Work


Director of Work Learning

-Facilitates the ongoing conversation about work-learning and its place in current Triad Education model -Organizes trainings for crews and staff

-An available resource for students and always providing support

-Manages WPO funds

-Coordinates evaluations and assessments


Work Program Operations Coordinator

·        Address issues raised via email and direct concerns to the appropriate persons. This includes both my personal account as well as the Work Program Office’s account.

·        Oversee student time keeping.

o   I email reminders to crew supervisors to approve/reject timecards.*

o   I use CampusWeb to post new timecards for all campus crews.

o   I monitor uner- and over-time for students by running reports and emailing students and their supervisors.*

o   I fix glitches with timecards, delete redundant timecards, and generate new timecards when needed.*

*Often times these tasks can be carried out with the help of student crew workers*

·        Approve student timecards for the Work Program Office Crew members. Always Mondays before noon!

·        Coordinate with student crew members about ongoing or new projects. This involves planning, preparation, and guidance/instruction time.

o   I help supervise and monitor student workers and make sure they keep up with chores and projects.

·        Monitor students identified as needing early support to ensure they are up to par with work hours. Along with checking work hours, I call and email supervisors to check on stuggling students. I represent the Work Program at Early Support meetings every Monday from 3:00 - 5:00 pm.

·        Review and issue work credit for students. This takes more time than you might think!

·        Facilitate employee tax verification for all student workers (i.e: NC-4, W-4, and I-9s). I also run all students through Homeland Security's E-Verification program.

·        Manage Work Program Office accounting. This includes: being responsible for credit card reconciliation, monitoring purchase orders and check requests, facilitating the Dean’s approval on accounting matters, and keeping up with the Work Program Office’s departmental budget.

·        Assist students, faculty, staff, and visitors who come by the Log Cabin with questions. This often means helping them make appointments with the Dean of Work or Director of Work Learning. I also help schedule office-wide and department-wide meetings.


Work Crew Coordinator


-Reviewing new student information and placing them on an adequate crew and/or switching to new crews

-Assists returning students seeking out new crew assignments

-Evaluating supervisor needs and offering break work contracts

-Assists with day student and additional hour contracts

-Keeps the website updated with current information and dates for students and staff members

-Serves as a liaison between students and Ian and/or Ellen for disciplinary action