Work Program Funds

The Work Program Office offers financial support for student work crew members and supervisors to participate in development opportunities. These opportunities range from taking continuing education classes to giving presentations at national conferences, attending expos and participating in skill enhancing workshops.


Federal Work Study Funds are used to make up the Work Program Funding. This money provided by the government is used to promote the work-study experience as a tool in your education. The Work Program Office is interested in knowing how the development event will help you to integrate your specific work, academic and/or service learning experience.

The Work Program Office funds can be used to cover registration, transportation, food and lodging for these events.


Application for Funds

Apply for Funing Here

NB: All funding requests must be received at least four (4) weeks prior to the event or the latest registration date.

Do you have questions about receiving funding?


For more information, please contact Ellen Graves via email at or by phone at 828/771-3018.