Work Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Work Program is to provide students with productive work that creates opportunities for the Warren Wilson College community to acknowledge, examine and celebrate the ethics and value of work in the educational process. The Work Program fulfills its mission by:

1. Providing a work force that operates the college in a way that benefits students both educationally and financially while serving the community.

2. Fostering a positive work ethic, respect for the dignity of labor, and the importance of serving others.

3. Strengthening the students' sense of community through common endeavor and giving students the opportunity to participate in all aspects of operating the college.

4. Offering experiential learning that helps to fulfill and enhance the educational mission of the college.

5. Providing students with an evaluation of their work, opportunities for reflection on the meaning of their work, and career guidance that encourages all students to make informed choices in planning their life and work.

6. Providing opportunities and resources that enhance supervisors' roles as mentors and teachers.