The Appalachian Leadership Scholarship is an endowment fund that supports disadvantaged and low-income students with demonstrated leadership potential to attend undergraduate studies at Warren Wilson College. The scholarship honors the original mission of Warren Wilson College to provide mountain youth from low-income or disadvantaged homes with rigorous academic and intellectual underpinning that is grounded in the values of hard work and community service.

How can you contribute to the Appalachian Leadership Scholarship?

So far Jesse ’94 and Marga Fripp have contributed $11,000 to the scholarship. With the help of the Fripps and other individuals and organizations, the fund is currently at $20,000. Please consider giving a gift to this scholarship so that it can reach endowment level and commitment goal of $30,000.

By donating online, you can start a Givalanche of Good for the scholarship. Once you make a gift, you receive a link via email which you can share with friends, family and on social media, inviting others to also support the Scholarship. When someone donates in response to your link, you will receive a notification that someone has made a gift, and you will be updated as to how much your original gift has grown.

Helpful Hints to Keep your Givalanche Rolling

  • After making a gift, post the link you receive on Facebook or Twitter.
    • Sample text: I just made a donation to the Appalachian Leadership Scholarship at Warren Wilson College. Help me increase this donation by clicking on the link provided!
  • After making a gift, email the link to your friends and family
    • Sample text: I just made a donation to the Appalachian Leadership Scholarship at Warren Wilson College. If you click on this link and also make a donation, your gift will help increase my original givalanche and together we can make a difference for Warren Wilson and its students. I will be notified that you made a donation, and I can share with you the progress as we watch our gift grow. Thank you for supporting the Appalachian Leadership Scholarship and encouraging others to make a difference.

To contact Jesse and Marga Fripp with any questions or to share your own story, you can mail them at or, or connect with them on LinkedIn.