My Story

In this time of alternative facts, trusting one’s own perception is especially important. It seems to me that trusting your own perception is the essence of what the practice of drawing encourages because it involves yourself, your materials and what you see. Drawing seems similar to the act of wandering, in that the outcome is unknown and both are explorations built on trust, effort and the hope of finding some truth. Wandering has always been a great source of inspiration for me – wandering along a beach, in a library, along a street; the where doesn’t matter, it’s the paying close attention and the reverie that matters. It’s an endless delight and challenge to explore drawing and printmaking processes in my work, as well as to share these experiences with students. To create anything it is necessary to take a stand and make a commitment. In my experience, students at Warren Wilson are inspiring, passionate and willing to take a stand.

Bette Bates
Bette Bates Making Faces
Bette Bates Eve with Snake


  • B.F.A. Stephens College
  • M.F.A. East Carolina University

Research Interests

  • Methods for alternative and non-toxic use of materials in printmaking and drawing
  • Series of drawings exploring the idea of Eve as the first woman
  • Series of prints entitled “Stories from the Ground Up”

Courses Taught

  • ART 1180: Relief Printmaking
  • ART 1590: Printmaking on Fabric
  • ART 1160: Drawing 1

Crews and Other Activities

  • Southern Graphics Council International
  • Undergraduate Research in the Arts
  • Asheville Printmakers

Contact Bette Bates

(828) 771-3034
Holden 111
WWC CPO 6197

PO Box 9000

Asheville, NC 28815-9000
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