What You’ll Study

Through this minor, you will develop a comprehensive perspective on how peoples of African descent continue to influence and contribute to the global experience. Our required core courses of Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa and African-American History help you make make solid connections between the African continent and the United States. And the interdisciplinary perspective of the minor allow you to take courses from a range of disciplines, including:

  • Anthropology
  • Art
  • English
  • History
  • Music
  • Peace and Justice Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Theatre

Get Engaged

Students minoring in Africana Studies also regularly involve themselves in a variety of student organizations and activities, including:

  • WIDE: The Wilson Inclusion, Diversion and Equity Office
  • Participation in Intersect: Diversity and Leadership annual conference

Explore Classes in This Program

PHI 2575

Critical Race Theory

Because much of the African diaspora resulted from the immensely global reach of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, it is crucial to understand these processes in terms of race and to engage in thinking about race critically. This course examines the origins of race-thinking and the myriad ways in which race has been constructed and deconstructed. You’ll focus on a critical interpretation of what race is, what it does, and how contemporary racial meanings are produced and reproduced.

MUS 2860

Jazz Appreciation

Jazz originated, developed, and evolved in the United States; it is a significant American contribution to the world of music. Like any great music, it has progressed through distinguishable periods and introduced outstanding musicians to society and the world. In this course, you’ll study the history of jazz by tracing its emergence at the turn of the twentieth century, through the proliferation of styles current today. Through assigned readings, listening to recordings, watching videotaped performances, and attending live concerts, understanding and appreciation of swing, bebop, cool, and free jazz will be fostered.

PAX 3100

Race and the Politics of Crime

This course examines the historical antecedent of the present-day prison system and the multiple dimensions in which criminal justice policies impact particular communities today. The course begins with a focus on philosophies of punishment, theologies of race, and nineteenth-century economies of plantations, jails, and prisons. You’ll then examine present-day patterns of punishment, specifically addressing moral discourse in contemporary politics, the school-to-prison pipeline, and successful activist challenges to the pervasiveness of exploiting criminalized persons.

Meet Our Faculty

I love that Warren Wilson allows me to be my own quirky self both in and outside of the classroom. If I cannot be honest and true to who I am while teaching and learning, then what's the point? The kinds of connections I am able to make with students here are invaluable; I am always learning from them, always being challenged and always growing along with them.

Christey Carwile, Ph.D.
Christey Carwile
Christey Carwile, Ph.D.

Warren Wilson is the place where both academics and intellectual virtues matter. We are all on a journey together to build a more trusting, empathetic, patient, caring, and connected community, state, nation, and world.

Dr. Susan Ortiz
Susan Ortiz, Ph.D.
Christey Carwile