What You’ll Study

Our art history minor is designed to compliment and add breadth and perspective to majors in other disciplines.

While studying art history, you’ll strive to understand images and objects in historical context. As you examine a piece of art or craft, you will ask: Who created it and why in this way? What purpose did it serve? How was it produced? By seeking answers to questions like these, you will be lead down paths exploring issues of race, class, gender, and nationality; problems of patronage and taste; and questions of exchange, reception, conservation, and restoration. Your study will cover a wide variety of regions, cultures, and time periods.

Our minor will give you a broad cultural background in art, which opens new dimensions in disciplines like history, anthropology, or sociology by providing a wealth of additional information while sharpening your critical and aesthetic sensibilities.

Explore Classes in This Program

ART 145

Art History I: Ancient Through Medieval

This art history course is a survey of Western and some non-Western art from prehistory through the medieval era. You’ll develop visual literacy and study works of art in the context of the cultural influences through which they evolved. Explore art history as a process of doing through discussions, writings, presentations, and museum visits.

PHI 251

Philosophy of Art

Why is art important? Can art be evaluated objectively? What counts as art? Philosophy of Art offers an analysis and philosophical evaluation of problems in art appreciation, art criticism, and theories of art. Special emphasis is placed on understanding art in the context of concurrent artistic endeavor or experience.

ART 219

The Language of Photography

Explore the language of photography and its evolving role as a creative image-making tool. A studio portion of the course is based on the production and evaluation of photographs produced in response to assignments. Seminars involve a series of topical readings and visual presentations that examine the interface of art and technology, contemporary artistic practice, aesthetics, and the social meaning of pictures.

Meet Our Faculty

The art history practicum course is one of my favorites. Based on an exhibition I have curated either for Holden Art Gallery or a local museum, my students develop tours and programs for their peers at Warren Wilson and for community groups, making this course the perfect blend of academics, work, and service.

Julie Levin Caro, Ph.D.
Portrait of Julie Caro
Julie Levin Caro, Ph.D.