What you’ll study

Inside every teacher is an innate curiosity and passion for serving those they are teaching. Our Education program encourages your inquisitive mind and uniquely prepares you for your Teaching Certification, regardless of the age group of children you want to teach. We have also partnered with UNC Asheville to offer middle and high school teaching licensures.

You’ll learn the foundations of human mental development and learning theory, spend hours observing classrooms from pre-K to high school, and build connections between the Education program and our applied learning model.

If you would like to learn about a pathway to a 6-12 teacher licensure, contact Dr. Annie Jonas: ajonas@warren-wilson.edu.

The Verner Center for Early Learning

Partnering with Warren Wilson College since 1998, the Verner Center for Early Learning is a five-star early childhood care and education center for children ages six-weeks to five-year old. Located just one mile from campus, Warren Wilson students spend over 5,000 hours at Verner each year learning best practices from some of the best minds in early childhood education.

If you would like to learn about a pathway to becoming a highly qualified teacher in early childhood education, contact Dr. Maura Davis: maura.davis@warren-wilson.edu.

Explore Classes in This Program

EDU 2600

Experiential Teaching Methods

In EDU 2600, you’ll learn the history and application of experiential teaching methodology. You’ll learn the philosophical foundations of experiential education and how these foundations have led to its recent explosion in popularity in a variety of settings. You’ll explore local experientially-based schools through the course’s fieldwork component.

EDU 3050

Educational Psychology

Covering psychological principles and research findings as they apply to teaching and learning, EDU 2050 also includes examining developmental practices, intelligence, cognition, motivation, cultural diversity, classroom community, and classroom management. In addition, you will examine and practice the implementation of a variety of instructional strategies that incorporate learning theory. Particular emphasis is placed on the application of research-based practices in a variety of settings. You’ll spend considerable time in a public school classroom observing and teaching.

EDU 3150

Multicultural Education and Equity Pedagogy

EDU 3150 is a course designed to prepare you to work with children and youth from diverse backgrounds and to help you develop a culturally competent teaching practice. Through readings, discussions, classroom activities, and participation in a community based dialogue program, you’ll examine your own relationship to racism and develop strategies to teach equitably in a range of contexts.

Meet Our Faculty

In college, I was scared to talk with professors. It is delightful that the undergraduate experience here at Warren Wilson is richer; with greater collaboration between students, staff and faculty in academics, work, and community engagement.

Maura Schoen Davis, Ph.D.
Maura Davis
Maura Schoen Davis, Ph.D.
Annie Jonas

Warren Wilson is exemplary at delivering experiential education. Our educational model provides a clear bridge between theory and practice offering our students an extraordinary education and skills for a lifetime.

Annie Jonas
Annie Jonas
Annie Jonas, Ed.D.
Julie Wilson in the Writing Studio

I get to work with smart, creative, and hilarious co-workers — the student crew of the Writing Studio. They’ve taught me about spoken word poetry, feminist fairy tale retellings, Appalachian cottontails, Norwegian troll hunters, bike-building, luppies, and the superiority of thin sans serif fonts. See why I love my job?

Julie Wilson, Ph.D.
Julie Wilson in the Writing Studio
Julie Wilson, Ph.D.
Maura Davis
WWC student with child
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