What You’ll Study

Our physics minor is taught with an emphasis on physics within chemistry and the natural sciences. You will be encouraged to think about how physics and chemistry can be applied in addressing the world’s human health and sustainability issues. With the help of the faculty, the chemistry crew, the friendly atmosphere of the Elvis lounge, and the company of the cool cat Mendeleev, you will thoroughly enjoy your exploration of the chemical and physical basis of our world.

Your capstone undergraduate research project will serve as the culmination of your exploration. You will propose and design a project and independently conduct the investigation under the guidance of one of our faculty members. You will immerse yourself in a project of your own choosing and you will present your results to the community. Opportunities to attend conferences are plentiful and our students have been quite successful obtaining graduate fellowships based on their research experiences.

Explore Classes in This Program

PHY 121

Earth, Light, and Sky

This course gives you ample hands-on opportunity to study conceptual physics, astronomy, earth science, and meteorology. The topics include astronomy, electricity, modern physics, waves and optics, spectroscopy, and a review of forces and motion. Earth science includes the origin and composition of the earth, rocks, minerals, fossils, and meteorites, and meteorology.

PHY 221

Physics I

This course offers an introduction to physics provided through the study of Newtonian physics, energy, thermodynamics, and statistical thermodynamics. Special emphasis is given to contemporary physics–physics developed during the 20th century. You’ll learn skills useful in other disciplines as well as physics: laboratory record-keeping, problem solving, and computer simulation. This course is centered around laboratory experience and the importance of learning physics through the observations and measurements in the laboratory.

Meet Our Faculty

I appreciate how the small class sizes at Wilson allow me to break a class from a physics problem and have a full class discussion on the beauty or application in our world.

David Coffey, Ph.D.
David Coffey teaching
David Coffey, Ph.D.