How to Apply – FAFSA Verification

Please do not complete verification documentation if it has not been requested.

FAFSAs are randomly selected by the federal processor for verification. This means that the Financial Aid Office at Warren Wilson College is required to request and verify additional documentation in the form of tax information through the IRS Data Retrieval Tool in the FAFSA or an official 2014 IRS Tax Return Transcipt and a Federal Verification Worksheet. There are other items that may be requested of you for the verification process, some of these include: doumentation of child support paid, documentation of SNAP benefits, documentation of identity, a notarized statement of education purpose, any and all forms of income documentation, high school completion status, verification of household resources for tax filers and non-tax filers.

If we receive conflicting information, the Financial Aid Office reserves the right to request additional documentation.

Please Note: A final financial aid package will not be processed and aid will not be disbursed until all verification materials have been received and are complete. Incomplete or unsigned forms will delay the process. Incomplete forms will be returned to the student/family.

Go to Forms Page to view and print all forms and documents we have requested from you.

Get information on how to request a Tax Return Transcript.

Funds are limited, so please make sure to review the posted deadlines!