Blue Ocean Waypoint Sponsors

Event information:
This virtual meeting was a follow-up to the WWC Blue Ocean Strategy Summit, held in February 2020. The Blue Ocean Strategy, developed by Harvard researchers, is the concept that some successful businesses are creating uncontested marketspace. At the Blue Ocean Strategy Summit, we had an incredible turnout of campus and community leaders who met to discuss strategic partnerships and opportunities for the College.

At the follow-up Blue Ocean Waypoint meeting, campus leaders  provided an update on the ideas we’ve moved forward and where we’re going next. Attendees met our new Vice President of Academic Affairs, Jay Roberts, who shared how input from the Summit has been incorporated into academic programming at the College. Attendees also heard about new partnerships built since February.

As our distinguished stakeholders, attendees were the  first to read the Blue Ocean Strategy Summit feature  in the 2020 Warren Wilson College Owl & Spade Magazine. Click here to read the article!

If you were not in attendance at the Summit or the Waypoint meeting and want to learn more, please enjoy this video, highlighting the impact of external partnerships already in place. You can also find a summary of the ideas generated at the Summit here.