• How can I still submit add/drop form?

    The term 4 “drop” deadline is extended through Tuesday, March 17. Students may drop a term 4 course in myWWC. If there are technical difficulties, please email term 4 drop to Requirements for full-time status are still in place and financial aid is based on a full-time load.

  • Do I still have to declare a major to register?

    No. The major declaration requirement for rising juniors is temporarily suspended.

  • How can I withdraw from a class if I can’t get my instructor’s signature?

    The Registrar is preparing to launch an online version of the “withdrawal” form. The Spring semester withdrawal period will be extended through 4:30pm, Wednesday, March 25th.

  • How will we complete art, service-learning and other in-person based courses?

    Instructors have notified students in each of their courses of remote instruction alternatives.

  • Will registrar forms be available online?

    Several important forms are available online. Students may send queries to

  • Will we be accepting online signatures on forms (registrar).


  • Are all of the academic deadlines for the semester still the same?

    Any changes to deadlines will be published on this FAQ and sent to student-l.

  • Will the library be open? How can library services be accessed?

    Beginning on Thursday, March 18, Ellison Library will operate as Ellison Virtual Library.

    The physical library will remain closed until further notice.

    Please note: To support students who remain on campus, the 24/7 Cole Study Room will remain open via card swipe. Please exercise social distancing in the room as much as possible.

    While our building is closed, the Ellison Virtual Library is offering ample support for teaching and research. Research assistance is available via 24/7 Live Chat; librarians can be reached via the Ask a Librarian link on the library homepage, and instructions for how to access licensed content are provided via the link, Off-Campus Database Access. All can be found in the prominent purple textbox on the library homepage (

    We recommend that students not rely on interlibrary loan services, as many libraries around the country no longer lend physical materials and the lending of digital articles may also slow down. Teresa Imfeld ( may be able to advise on an individual basis.

    Instructors may contact librarians (Mei Mah (, David O. Bradshaw (, Brian Conlan (, Chris Nugent ( with virtual research instruction needs for their classes.

    Please direct any questions regarding materials in the archives to Diana Sanderson (

    BK Segall ( can advise on circulation issues.

    Contact Chris Nugent ( with any and all concerns relating to library services.

  • Is commencement still happening?
    It has become clear in recent days that we will not be able to gather in large groups for several more months, and that our responsibility is to do our part to stop the spread of this virus.
    On May 9, 2020, we will celebrate a virtual commencement, making it as special for our seniors and their families as we possibly can. Then, in May of 2021, we invite all of our graduated seniors to return to campus to walk in that commencement and celebrate with the Class of 2021. This year’s planned speaker, Andrew Revkin, noted science and environment journalist, has agreed to speak at the 2021 commencement.
  • Is there a Pass/Fail policy for this semester?

    Warren Wilson College has adopted a Credit/No Credit (CR/NCR) option for all Spring 2020 Term 4 and 15-week semester classes. Professors will assign letter grades for all classes, and by default that letter grade will be entered into the transcript. Students will be given a one-week window after grades are posted to opt for Credit or No Credit rather than the letter grade, and they will be able to select this option for each class independently. With this option, courses assigned a D- or higher will be converted to “Credit”. Those courses will count toward total credit hours, gen ed credit, and credit toward courses required for the major, but they will not be calculated into the GPA. If students choose the CR/NCR option, courses assigned a letter grade of F will be indicated as “No Credit” on the transcript. Courses with NCR will be included in attempted credits, but will not count toward total earned credit hours, gen ed credit, or for courses required in the major. They also will not be calculated into the GPA.


Community Engagement

Residence Life

  • Now that residence halls are closing, do I need to plan to move out completely?

    YES, all residential students still living on campus must be moved out by 5pm on Friday, March 20. For those who left campus already but did not move out, see the question below. If you have a hardship concern that affects your ability to leave campus by this deadline you have two options.

    1. You can request an extension for the move out deadline up until Sunday at noon using this form.
    2. You can request hardship housing beyond Sunday using this form. Hardship housing will be very limited, students will need to relocate once approved, will not be allowed any guests, and on campus services will also be very limited.

    Express Checkout Process:

    When checking out of the residence halls, please follow these steps:

    1. Pack up and clear out your room entirely. Should you need storage access please see below for how to access it*
    2. Please make sure all waste goes into a bagged container. We are adding extra trash bins to each trash area, so that hopefully no bins overflow.  Trash should be collected on a daily basis.
    3. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN FREE PILES. Larger barrels for freestore donations are being placed in each residence hall. Put your freestore donations in these bins.
    4. Use our trash liners. If you would like trash bags to either pack your belongings or to bag trash in your rooms, please take some from our closets. We will deliver extra liners to each campus laundry room after bin distribution.
    5. Close and lock your bedroom and/or suite door as well as all windows.
    6. Place your key in the yellow envelope that was delivered to your room by your RA.
    7. Return the key packets to DODGE (drop box on side door if Dodge isn’t open).
      • If you cannot come by Dodge, please slide the key packets under your RA’s door.

    No students can leave belongings in their rooms over the summer or return to campus once they leave. We house other groups during the summer.
    *Resident students who wish to store their belongings on campus should call Dodge House between 8am and 8pm. After 8pm call their RA on Duty. The storage guidelines for on campus storage are three boxes or bins labeled with the student’s name.

    For additional move out resources click here.

  • What if I left prior to the decision to close the residence halls and didn’t fully move my belongings out?

    You have two options to gather your belongings:

    1. You can come prior to March 22 to fully pack up and move out without needing an appointment.
    2. You can make an appointment sometime between March 22 and May 10*, by contacting the Office of Residence Life at least 48 hours in advance using one of the methods below. We will not be offering move out appointments over the weekends during this time due to limited staffing.

    Please email or call (828) 771-3800, (828) 771-5813, (828) 771-5849, or (828) 771-3803 if you have questions or would like to make an appointment to gather your belongings. Your call will be returned within 24hrs.

    *At this time we have no way to predict what will be possible in the coming weeks. We are in no way trying to contradict current recommendations for safety and are trying our best to stay as flexible as possible for our students.

  • How do I forward my mail?

    Use the post office Change of Address Form. or contact Andrew Mercurio at

Accessing Services & Resources Remotely

  • Academic Support and Disability Access

    Deborah Braden – Available for Academic Support (virtual academic counseling – time management – study strategies) and Disability Access

    Director of Disability Access


    Schedule a meeting with me

    Once the appointment time is booked, I will be in touch via email about the platform we will use for our virtual meeting – I am available via phone, Facetime/Google Hangouts and email.


    Lyn O’Hare – Available for Academic Support (virtual academic counseling – time management – study strategies) and connecting to tutoring

    Associate Dean of Educational Access and Academic Support


    Schedule a Meeting with Me

    Once the appointment time is booked, I will be in touch via email about the platform we will use for our virtual meeting – I am available via phone, Facetime/Google Hangouts and email.


    Virtual tutoring will be available through these departments or areas: 

    Chemistry – for questions about accessing the tutoring, please contact Langdon Martin,

    Math – for questions about accessing the tutoring, please contact Holly Rosson,

    Biology – for questions about accessing the tutoring, please contact Jill Arnold,

    Psychology – for questions about accessing the tutoring, please contact Christina Reitz-Krueger,

    Accounting  – for questions about accessing the tutoring, please contact Wendy Seligmann,

    Spanish – for questions about accessing the tutoring, please contact Christine Swoap,


    Here is an intro video about online learning – it is basic – but the advice is sound!

    Online learning: Keys to success

    Writing Studio

    The Writing Studio is open for online sessions, primarily led by faculty–Julie Wilson and Jimena Novaro. We encourage you to schedule online sessions for assistance understanding your assignments, coming up with ideas, outlining, drafting, revising, or proofreading.

    You have options for these sessions. You may send a draft of your work for written feedback. Or, at any stage in the writing process, you may schedule an hour session via video, audio, or text chatting. We may use google docs in our sessions.

    Schedule your session through My WWC – Academics – Writing Studio

  • Career Development and Internships

    We are eager to set up virtual meetings with you. What a perfect time to focus on your career planning and internship needs.

    Hannah Richardson – Internships, job searching, resumes, and interviews

    Director of Internships


    Schedule an appointment with me!

    Once the appointment time is booked, I will be in touch via email about the platform we will use for our virtual meeting – I am available via phone, Facetime/Google Hangouts and email.


    Wendy Seligmann – Career planning, graduate and professional school information, job search strategies, resumes,cover letters and interviewing

    Associate Dean of Career Development and Faculty in Business


    Once the appointment time is booked, I will be in touch via email about the platform we will use for our virtual meeting – I am available via phone, Facetime/Google Hangouts and email.


    Check out THIS page for career development and internship resources and tip sheets This includes sample resumes and cover letters, as well as, many links for job searching assistance.

    Prepping for internships this summer or professional opportunities next year?:

  • Counseling

    We will be beginning teletherapy sessions starting Monday, March 16. Even if you are off-campus, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with us.

    If you wish to schedule an appointment, please still use the following link to schedule.

    Your counselor will then be in touch via email the day of your appointment with the link to connect to teletherapy. This link will be from a HIPAA compliant service called Doxy. Once you click on the link the program will ask you to sign in. After you have signed in, your counselor can open the chat room and begin the session. This service is completely confidential, and no download is required just simply click on the link.

  • Financial Aid

    The Financial Aid Office will have an alternative scheduling plan in place, and it is detailed below for the timeframe of March 13 to April 10.

    If you wish to speak with the Financial Aid Office, please use the following methods during this time:

    Email us at

    Google hangout:

    Phone us at 828-771-2082

    Text us at 828-771-2082

    You can book a phone appointment with us by clicking here

    **One of the quickest ways to get information about your financial aid is to log in to your Net Partner account by clicking here.

  • Health Center

    Students who are still on campus and are presenting any or all of the symptoms of COVID-19 should not visit the Health Center. Instead, please call one of the following for initial screening:

    • During normal business hours 9-5pm: call the Health Center at 828-771-2053
    • Between 5-8pm weekdays and weekends 7am-8pm: call Public Safety at 828-230-4592
    • Between the hours of 8pm-7am: call the RA on duty for your area:
      • Sage Circle: 828-357-7243
      • Central Zone – Villages, Sunderland, Vining: 828-675-8455
      • Ballfields: 828-571-0050

    The Health Center is still open for students seeking routine medical help as well.

  • Integrated Advising

    Integrated Advising Coaches are available through phone, email, google hangouts and gchat. Contact information is available on the CIAC: Integrated Advising myWWC page.

  • Student Accounts

    Beginning Monday, the Student Accounts office will be shifting to virtual appointment sessions, via phone. We highly encourage you to schedule an appointment to discuss issues regarding your student account between the hours of 9am through noon, Monday-Friday here: Book an appointment with me

    We will place the call to you at the desired scheduled time, at the phone number you have indicated.

    If these hours of availability are not convenient, then please feel free to contact us at Student accounts can be reached at 828-771-2061 or 828-771-2062.

  • Will students be refunded for room and board?

    Warren Wilson will offer students a prorated refund of room and board. We are committed to issuing refunds as quickly as possible, and we hope to announce a specific timeline in the coming weeks. Students will receive an electronic form from the Finance and Accounting Department by April 10 that will be used to gather information needed for the refund process. The refund will first settle any outstanding balance due and then the remainder would be refunded if there is a credit.


  • How will the campus be cleaned?

    The college is contracting with an outside company for cleaning. Residence halls are the first priority.

  • How will the Set and Go Events be handled?
    • The physical events related to the READY, SET, GO process have been cancelled.
      • READY Form is now Due March 20 instead of March 18 as previously stated
    • Stay tuned for more information on how registration and housing selection will occur virtually
  • Are the mailroom, campus store and printshop still open?

    Beginning Monday, March 23 and, as with everything these days, subject to change:

    • Mailroom window hours: 12:00-2:00pm, M-F
    • Printing and copying: contact Andrew Mercurio directly
    • Campus Store: closed for the duration of the semester

    Mailroom and Printshop
    Andrew Mercurio –

    Campus Store
    Laura Wheeler –

  • Are the campus trails still open?

    No, the trails are closed until further notice.

    In response to the Buncombe County’s “Stay Home – Stay Safe” declaration, Warren Wilson College has closed down the College trail system to the community and all employees who do not reside on campus.

    Our primary obligation right now is to protect the health and well-being of staff and students who have stayed on to maintain the essential functions of the College, as well as our campus residents. At this point, we do not know how long the restriction will last.

  • What is happening with summer programming and conferences?

    All summer programming and conferences have been canceled through June 30. Decisions regarding The Swannanoa Gathering and other camps/events after June 30 have not been finalized at this time.

    For questions about summer programming and conferences, please contact Liz Brace at

  • Is St. Clair Guest House still open?

    St. Clair Guest House is currently closed through the end of the semester. For more information about St. Clair Guest House, visit

    For questions about St. Clair Guest House, please contact Liz Brace at